Sylvie Huet
Sylvie Huet
Inrae LISC - associate researcher LAPSCO (UCA)
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Citované v
Citované v
Models of social influence: Towards the next frontiers
A Flache, M Mäs, T Feliciani, E Chattoe-Brown, G Deffuant, S Huet, ...
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An individual-based model of innovation diffusion mixing social value and individual benefit
G Deffuant, S Huet, F Amblard
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An iterative approach for generating statistically realistic populations of households
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Agent based simulation of organic farming conversion in Allier département
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Basic human values during the COVID-19 outbreak, perceived threat and their relationships with compliance with movement restrictions and social distancing
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JD Mathias, JM Anderies, J Baggio, J Hodbod, S Huet, MA Janssen, ...
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arXiv preprint arXiv:1203.3065, 2012
Why do farmers not convert to organic farming? Modeling conversion to organic farming as a major change
Q Xu, S Huet, C Poix, I Boisdon, G Deffuant
Natural Resource Modeling 31 (3), e12171, 2018
Opinion dynamics in a group-based society
F Gargiulo, S Huet
Europhysics Letters 91 (5), 58004, 2010
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The relevance of aggregating a water consumption model cannot be disconnected from the choice of information available on the resource
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Estimator selection in the Gaussian setting
Y Baraud, C Giraud, S Huet
Annales de l'IHP Probabilités et statistiques 50 (3), 1092-1119, 2014
Does increased interdisciplinary contact among hard and social scientists help or hinder interdisciplinary research?
K Urbanska, S Huet, S Guimond
PLoS One 14 (9), e0221907, 2019
Nitrogen nutrition index predicted by a crop model improves the genomic prediction of grain number for a bread wheat core collection
D Ly, K Chenu, A Gauffreteau, R Rincent, S Huet, D Gouache, P Martre, ...
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Resisting hostility generated by terror: An agent-based study
S Huet, G Deffuant, A Nugier, M Streith, S Guimond
PLoS one 14 (1), e0209907, 2019
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