Paul S. Shamble
Paul S. Shamble
Neurotechnology Core, Kavli Institute for Neuroscience, Yale School of Medicine
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Citované v
Diet influences mate choice selectivity in adult female wolf spiders
EA Hebets, J Wesson, PS Shamble
Animal Behaviour 76 (2), 355-363, 2008
Courtship effort is a better predictor of mating success than ornamentation for male wolf spiders
PS Shamble, DJ Wilgers, KA Swoboda, EA Hebets
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Airborne acoustic perception by a jumping spider
PS Shamble, G Menda, JR Golden, EI Nitzany, K Walden, T Beatus, ...
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Visual Perception in the Brain of a Jumping Spider
G Menda, PS Shamble, EI Nitzany, JR Golden, RR Hoy
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The long and short of hearing in the mosquito Aedes aegypti
G Menda, EI Nitzany, PS Shamble, A Wells, LC Harrington, RN Miles, ...
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Walking like an ant: a quantitative and experimental approach to understanding locomotor mimicry in the jumping spider Myrmarachne formicaria
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Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1858), 20170308, 2017
Regularly occurring bouts of retinal movements suggest an REM sleep–like state in jumping spiders
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (33), e2204754119, 2022
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Limping following limb loss increases locomotor stability
S Wilshin, PS Shamble, KJ Hovey, R Harris, AJ Spence, ST Hsieh
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Uncovering the structure of the mouse gait controller: Mice respond to substrate perturbations with adaptations in gait on a continuum between trot and bound
A Vahedipour, OH Maghsoudi, S Wilshin, P Shamble, B Robertson, ...
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Static visual predator recognition in jumping spiders
DC Rößler, M De Agrò, K Kim, PS Shamble
Functional Ecology 36 (3), 561-571, 2022
A rodent paw tracker using support vector machine
OH Maghsoudi, AV Tabrizi, B Robertson, P Shamble, A Spence
2016 IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium (SPMB), 1-3, 2016
A novel automatic method to track the body and paws of running mice in high speed video
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Hanging by a thread: unusual nocturnal resting behaviour in a jumping spider
DC Rößler, M De Agrò, E Biundo, PS Shamble
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Evolutionary convergence in computation of local motion signals in monkey and dragonfly
EI Nitzany, G Menda, PS Shamble, JR Golden, RR Hoy, JD Victor
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Perception of biological motion in point-light displays by jumping spiders
M De Agrò, DC Rößler, K Kim, PS Shamble
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Terrestrial Locomotor Mimicry at the Kinematic Level: Does the ant-mimicking jumping spider Myrmarachne formicaria walk like an ant?
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Eye-specific detection and a multi-eye integration model of biological motion perception
M De Agrò, DC Rößler, PS Shamble
bioRxiv, 2023.09. 24.559175, 2023
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