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Curcumin has protective and antioxidant properties on bull spermatozoa subjected to induced oxidative stress
E Tvrda, E Tušimová, A Kováčik, D Paál, H Greifova, A Abdramanov, ...
Animal reproduction science 172, 10-20, 2016
Protective effects of quercetin on selected oxidative biomarkers in bovine spermatozoa subjected to ferrous ascorbate
E Tvrdá, E Tušimová, A Kováčik, D Paál, Ľ Libová, N Lukáč
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 51 (4), 524-537, 2016
Seasonal variations in the blood concentration of selected heavy metals in sheep and their effects on the biochemical and hematological parameters
A Kovacik, J Arvay, E Tusimova, L Harangozo, E Tvrda, K Zbynovska, ...
Chemosphere 168, 365-371, 2017
Antioxidant efficiency of lycopene on oxidative stress-induced damage in bovine spermatozoa
E Tvrdá, A Kováčik, E Tušimová, D Paál, A Mackovich, J Alimov, N Lukáč
Journal of animal science and biotechnology 7, 1-13, 2016
Effect of propolis in chicken diet on selected parameters of mineral profile
P PetruÅ, E TuÅ, A Kalafová, P HaÅ, A KolesÃ, M Capcarová
Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences 1 (4), 593-600, 2012
Trace Metals in the Freshwater Fish Cyprinus carpio: Effect to Serum Biochemistry and Oxidative Status Markers
A Kovacik, E Tvrda, M Miskeje, J Arvay, M Tomka, K Zbynovska, J Andreji, ...
Biological trace element research 188, 494-507, 2019
Blood concentration of copper, cadmium, zinc and lead in horses and its relation to hematological and biochemical parameters
P Massanyi, R Stawarz, M Halo, G Formicki, N Lukac, P Cupka, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A 49 (8), 973-979, 2014
In vitro effect of 4-nonylphenol on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) stimulated hormone secretion, cell viability and reactive oxygen species generation in mice Leydig cells
T Jambor, E Tvrdá, E Tušimová, A Kováčik, J Bistáková, Z Forgács, ...
Environmental Pollution 222, 219-225, 2017
Resveratrol offers protection to oxidative stress induced by ferrous ascorbate in bovine spermatozoa
E Tvrdá, A Kováčik, E Tušimová, P Massányi, N Lukáč
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A 50 (14), 1440-1451, 2015
Potential toxicity of cyanogenic glycoside amygdalin and bitter apricot seed in rabbits—health status evaluation
E Kovacikova, A Kovacik, M Halenar, K Tokarova, L Chrastinova, ...
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition 103 (2), 695-703, 2019
Assessment of the effective impact of bisphenols on mitochondrial activity and steroidogenesis in a dose-dependency in mice TM3 Leydig cells
T Jambor, E Kovacikova, H Greifova, A Kovacik, L Libova, N Lukac
Physiological Research 68 (4), 689-693, 2019
Influence of long-term consumption of bitter apricot seeds on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases
J Kopčeková, A Kolesárová, A Kováčik, E Kováčiková, M Gažarová, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B 53 (5), 298-303, 2018
Parallel effect of 4-octylphenol and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) alters steroidogenesis, cell viability and ROS production in mice Leydig cells
T Jambor, H Greifova, A Kovacik, E Kovacikova, E Tvrda, Z Forgacs, ...
Chemosphere 199, 747-754, 2018
Assessment of rabbit spermatozoa characteristics after amygdalin and apricot seeds exposure in vivo
E Kolesar, E Tvrda, M Halenar, M Schneidgenova, L Chrastinova, ...
Toxicology Reports 5, 679-686, 2018
The effects of 12-week progressive strength training on strength, functional capacity, metabolic biomarkers, and serum hormone concentrations in healthy older women: morning …
B Krčmárová, M Krčmár, M Schwarzová, P Chlebo, Z Chlebová, R Židek, ...
Chronobiology international 35 (11), 1490-1502, 2018
The evaluation of endocrine regulators after intramuscular and oral application of cyanogenic glycoside amygdalin in rabbits
M Halenar, L Chrastinova, L Ondruska, R Jurcik, K Zbynovska, ...
Biologia 72 (4), 468-474, 2017
In vitro response of human ovarian cancer cells to dietary bioflavonoid isoquercitrin
K Michalcova, S Roychoudhury, M Halenar, E Tvrda, E Kovacikova, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B 54 (9), 752-757, 2019
The Evaluation of Evidence Bisphenol A Exposure and Human Reproductive Health: A review
T Jambor, E Kovacikova
SciCell publishing, 2020
The effect of different sample collection methods on rabbit blood parameters
M Massányi, L Kohút, MJ Argente, M Halo, A Kováčik, E Kováčiková, ...
Saudi journal of biological sciences 27 (11), 3157-3160, 2020
Low dose exposure of patulin and protective effect of epicatechin on blood cells in vitro
K Tokarova, J Vasicek, R Jurcik, A Balazi, E Kovacikova, A Kovacik, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B 54 (6), 459-466, 2019
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