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Mohammad-Hosein Sinkakarimi
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Interspecific differences in toxicological response and subcellular partitioning of cadmium and lead in three earthworm species
MH Sinkakarimi, E Solgi, AH Colagar
Chemosphere 238, 124595, 2020
Contamination of lead (Pb) in the coastal sediments of north and south of Iran: a review study
N Ali Azadi, B Mansouri, L Spada, MH Sinkakarimi, Y Hamesadeghi, ...
Chemistry and Ecology 34 (9), 884-900, 2018
Determination of heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Zn and Cu) in Caspian kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum) from Miankaleh international wetland and human health risk
M Hassanpour, G Rajaei, MH SinkaKarimi, F Ferdosian, ...
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences 24 (113), 163-170, 2014
Study on metal concentrations in tissues of Mallard and Pochard from two major wintering sites in Southeastern Caspian Sea, Iran
MH Sinka-Karimi, AR Pourkhabbaz, M Hassanpour, JM Levengood
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology 95, 292-297, 2015
Trace element concentrations in feathers of five Anseriformes in the south of the Caspian Sea, Iran
MHS Karimi, M Hassanpour, AR Pourkhabbaz, M Błaszczyk, J Paluch, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 188, 1-7, 2016
A three years study of the diversity and density of waterfowl and waders in Sorkhrud International Wetland (October 2007–March 2010)
M Ahmadpour, MHS Karimi, SM Ghasempouri, M Ahmadpour, ...
Scientific Research and Essays 6 (30), 6317-6324, 2011
Metal Concentrations in Tissues of Gadwall and Common Teal from Miankaleh and Gomishan International Wetlands, Iran
MH Sinkakarimi, LJ Binkowski, M Hassanpour, G Rajaei, M Ahmadpour, ...
Biological trace element research 185 (1), 177-184, 2018
Subcellular partitioning of cadmium and lead in Eisenia fetida and their effects to sperm count, morphology and apoptosis
MH Sinkakarimi, E Solgi, AH Colagar
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 187, 109827, 2020
A study on Zinc, Nickel, and Vanadium in fish muscle of Alosa caspia and Sander lucioperca and food risk assessment of its consumption in the southeast of the Caspian Sea
S Sadeghi Bajgiran, AR Pourkhabbaz, M Hasanpour, MH Sinka Karimi
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment 8 (4), 423-432, 2016
A survey on the flora and the fauna of the Fereydunkenar International wetland for better conservation management
M Ahmadpour, M Ahmadpour, SH Hoseini, SM Ghasempouri, A Jafari, ...
Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences 2 (10), 17-26, 2012
health risk assessment of some heavy metals in groundwater resources of birjand flood plain using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) model
MH Sinkakarimi, G Rajei, MH Mahdijezhad, M Hatamimanesh
Journal of Health 11 (2), 183-193, 2020
Assessment of heavy metals in chicken meat distributed in Sanandaj, Iran, and calculating the food consumption risk
MH Sinkakarimi, B Mansouri, NA Azadi, A Maleki, B Davari
Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences 26 (146), 128-138, 2017
Health risk assessment of As and Zn in canola and soybean oils consumed in Kermanshah, Iran
SS Ardakani
J. Adv. Environ. Health Res. 4 (2), 62-67, 2016
Consumption limit for Caspian white fish in stand of Cadmium and Lead from Southeastern coast of Caspian Sea
MH Sinka Karimi, S Sadeghi Bajgiran
Zanko Journal of Medical Sciences 16 (49), 32-43, 2015
Potential human health risk assessment of heavy metals in the flesh of mallard and pochard in the South Eastern Caspian Sea region of Iran
MH Sinkakarimi, AR Pourkhabbaz, M Hassanpour, JM Levengood, ...
Journal of Advances in Environmental Health Research 3 (2), 139-145, 2015
Assessment of mercury concentration in feathers of six species of waterbirds in Southern Caspian Sea Wetlands
M Ahmadpour, SH Hoseini, M Ahmadpour, A Mashrofeh, MH SinkaKarimi, ...
Journal homepage: www. wesca. net 8 (2), 2013
Assessment of cadmium and lead concentration in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and calculation the food consumption risk
H Tahsini, M Ahmadpour, MH Sinkakarimi
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment 11 (2), 215-224, 2018
Acute toxicity bioassay of the mercury chloride and copper Sulphate in Rutilus caspicus and Rutilus kutum
A Pourkhabbaz, B Mansouri, MH Sinkakarimi, G Rajaei, R Vajdi
International journal of aquatic biology 4 (1), 25-30, 2016
Evaluation performances of different forest fire spread models using cellular automata (case study: the forests of Lakan district in Rasht).
TG Rad, M Karimi
Iranian Journal of Forest and Poplar Research 23 (1), 2015
Determination of metals in tissues of mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) and risk assessment of food consumption in the southeastern Caspian Sea
M Sinka Karim, AR Pourkhabbaz, M Hassanpour
Journal of Wetland Ecobiology 5 (4), 79-90, 2014
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