Janne Räty
Janne Räty
Postdoctoral researcher, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland
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Citované v
Comparing nearest neighbor configurations in the prediction of species-specific diameter distributions
J Räty, P Packalen, M Maltamo
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Prediction of forest canopy fuel parameters in managed boreal forests using multispectral and unispectral airborne laser scanning data and aerial images
M Maltamo, J Räty, L Korhonen, E Kotivuori, M Kukkonen, H Peltola, ...
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Prediction of butt rot volume in Norway spruce forest stands using harvester, remotely sensed and environmental data
J Räty, J Breidenbach, M Hauglin, R Astrup
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R Gopalakrishnan, P Packalen, VP Ikonen, J Räty, A Venäläinen, ...
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Assessing and mitigating systematic errors in forest attribute maps utilizing harvester and airborne laser scanning data
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Prediction of diameter distributions in boreal forests using remotely sensed data
J Räty
Dissertation Forestales 294. 47 p. https://doi. org/10.14214/df. 294, 2020
mgpr: An R package for multivariate Gaussian process regression
P Varvia, J Räty, P Packalen
SoftwareX 24, 101563, 2023
Can models for forest attributes based on airborne laser scanning be generalized for different silvicultural management systems?
M Maltamo, P Peltola, P Packalen, A Hardenbol, J Räty, T Saksa, ...
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An analysis of stand-level size distributions of decay-affected Norway spruce trees based on harvester data
J Räty, AM Hietala, J Breidenbach, R Astrup
Annals of Forest Science 80 (1), 2, 2023
Gaussian process regression for airborne laser scanning based forest inventory: Validation and parameter selection
P Varvia, J Räty, L Korhonen, P Packalen
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Estimating the timber value of a forest property using geographically balanced samples and unoccupied aerial vehicle data
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Model-Assisted Estimation of Timber Volume by Means of Harvester and ALS Data
J Räty, R Astrup, J Breidenbach
Tukkitilavuuden ennustaminen mäntyvaltaisissa metsiköissä laserkeilausaineistoa käyttäen
T Karjalainen, P Packalen, J Räty, M Maltamo
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