Fabio Rezzonico
Fabio Rezzonico
Research Fellow, Team Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology, ZHAW Wädenswil
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Citované v
Complete Genome Sequence of the Fire Blight Pathogen Erwinia amylovora CFBP 1430 and Comparison to Other Erwinia spp.
THM Smits, F Rezzonico, T Kamber, J Blom, A Goesmann, JE Frey, ...
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 23 (4), 384-393, 2010
Lack of genomic evidence of AI-2 receptors suggests a non-quorum sensing role for luxS in most bacteria
F Rezzonico, B Duffy
BMC microbiology 8, 1-19, 2008
Genotypic comparison of Pantoea agglomeransplant and clinical strains
F Rezzonico, THM Smits, E Montesinos, JE Frey, B Duffy
BMC microbiology 9, 1-18, 2009
Bayesian QTL analyses using pedigreed families of an outcrossing species, with application to fruit firmness in apple
M Bink, J Jansen, M Madduri, RE Voorrips, CE Durel, AB Kouassi, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 127, 1073-1090, 2014
Is the ability of biocontrol fluorescent pseudomonads to produce the antifungal metabolite 2, 4‐diacetylphloroglucinol really synonymous with higher plant protection?
F Rezzonico, M Zala, C Keel, B Duffy, Y Moënne‐Loccoz, G Défago
New Phytologist 173 (4), 861-872, 2007
The Type III Secretion System of Biocontrol Pseudomonas fluorescens KD Targets the Phytopathogenic Chromista Pythium ultimum and Promotes Cucumber …
F Rezzonico, C Binder, G Défago, Y Moënne-Loccoz
Molecular plant-microbe interactions 18 (9), 991-1001, 2005
Genome Sequence of the Biocontrol Agent Pantoea vagans Strain C9-1
THM Smits, F Rezzonico, T Kamber, A Goesmann, CA Ishimaru, ...
Journal of bacteriology 192 (24), 6486-6487, 2010
Erwinia amylovora loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for rapid pathogen detection and on-site diagnosis of fire blight
A Bühlmann, JF Pothier, F Rezzonico, THM Smits, M Andreou, ...
Journal of Microbiological Methods 92 (3), 332-339, 2013
Diversity, evolution, and functionality of clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat (CRISPR) regions in the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora
F Rezzonico, THM Smits, B Duffy
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77 (11), 3819-3829, 2011
Autoinduction in Erwinia amylovora: Evidence of an Acyl-Homoserine Lactone Signal in the Fire Blight Pathogen
L Molina, F Rezzonico, G Défago, B Duffy
Journal of Bacteriology 187 (9), 3206-3213, 2005
Genotyping of pedigreed apple breeding material with a genome-covering set of SSRs: trueness-to-type of cultivars and their parentages
KM Evans, A Patocchi, F Rezzonico, F Mathis, CE Durel, ...
Molecular Breeding 28, 535-547, 2011
Development and test of 21 multiplex PCRs composed of SSRs spanning most of the apple genome
A Patocchi, F Fernández-Fernández, K Evans, D Gobbin, F Rezzonico, ...
Tree Genetics & Genomes 5, 211-223, 2009
Application of whole-cell matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry for rapid identification and clustering analysis of Pantoea species
F Rezzonico, G Vogel, B Duffy, M Tonolla
Applied and environmental microbiology 76 (13), 4497-4509, 2010
Metabolic versatility and antibacterial metabolite biosynthesis are distinguishing genomic features of the fire blight antagonist Pantoea vagans C9-1
THM Smits, F Rezzonico, T Kamber, J Blom, A Goesmann, CA Ishimaru, ...
PloS one 6 (7), e22247, 2011
Complete genome sequence of the fire blight pathogen Erwinia pyrifoliae DSM 12163T and comparative genomic insights into plant pathogenicity
THM Smits, S Jaenicke, F Rezzonico, T Kamber, A Goesmann, JE Frey, ...
BMC genomics 11, 1-13, 2010
Detection of AI-2 Receptors in Genomes of Enterobacteriaceae Suggests a Role of Type-2 Quorum Sensing in Closed Ecosystems
F Rezzonico, THM Smits, B Duffy
Sensors 12 (5), 6645-6665, 2012
Comparison of ATPase-Encoding Type III Secretion System hrcN Genes in Biocontrol Fluorescent Pseudomonads and in Phytopathogenic Proteobacteria
F Rezzonico, G Défago, Y Moënne-Loccoz
Applied and environmental microbiology 70 (9), 5119-5131, 2004
Evolutionary insights from Erwinia amylovora genomics
THM Smits, F Rezzonico, B Duffy
Journal of biotechnology 155 (1), 34-39, 2011
Phylogeography and population structure of the biologically invasive phytopathogen Erwinia amylovora inferred using minisatellites
A Bühlmann, T Dreo, F Rezzonico, JF Pothier, THM Smits, M Ravnikar, ...
Environmental microbiology 16 (7), 2112-2125, 2014
Plant agricultural streptomycin formulations do not carry antibiotic resistance genes
F Rezzonico, VO Stockwell, B Duffy
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 53 (7), 3173-3177, 2009
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