Jonathan S. Towner
Jonathan S. Towner
Viral Special Pathogens Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Isolation of genetically diverse Marburg viruses from Egyptian fruit bats
JS Towner, BR Amman, TK Sealy, SAR Carroll, JA Comer, A Kemp, ...
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Assessment of the risk of Ebola virus transmission from bodily fluids and fomites
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Newly discovered ebola virus associated with hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Uganda
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Rapid diagnosis of Ebola hemorrhagic fever by reverse transcription-PCR in an outbreak setting and assessment of patient viral load as a predictor of outcome
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Taxonomy of the order Mononegavirales: update 2016
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Marburg virus infection detected in a common African bat
JS Towner, X Pourrut, CG Albariño, CN Nkogue, BH Bird, G Grard, ...
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Seasonal pulses of Marburg virus circulation in juvenile Rousettus aegyptiacus bats coincide with periods of increased risk of human infection
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Control of Japanese encephalitis—within our grasp?
T Solomon
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Marburgvirus genomics and association with a large hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Angola
JS Towner, ML Khristova, TK Sealy, MJ Vincent, BR Erickson, DA Bawiec, ...
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Panmicrobial oligonucleotide array for diagnosis of infectious diseases
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Requirement of poly (rC) binding protein 2 for translation of poliovirus RNA
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Large serological survey showing cocirculation of Ebola and Marburg viruses in Gabonese bat populations, and a high seroprevalence of both viruses in Rousettus aegyptiacus
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Poly (rC) binding protein 2 forms a ternary complex with the 5'-terminal sequences of poliovirus RNA and the viral 3CD proteinase.
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2020 taxonomic update for phylum Negarnaviricota (Riboviria: Orthornavirae), including the large orders Bunyavirales and Mononegavirales
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The Journal of infectious diseases 210 (4), 558-566, 2014
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