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Electric vehicle charging in an office building microgrid with distributed energy resources
J Van Roy, N Leemput, F Geth, J Büscher, R Salenbien, J Driesen
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B Van Der Heijde, A Vandermeulen, R Salenbien, L Helsen
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Hybrid ground-source heat pump system with active air source regeneration
K Allaerts, M Coomans, R Salenbien
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An active control strategy for district heating networks and the effect of different thermal energy storage configurations
D Vanhoudt, BJ Claessens, R Salenbien, J Desmedt
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Improving the energy efficiency of ground-source heat pump systems in heating dominated school buildings: A case study in Belgium
K Allaerts, J Al Koussa, J Desmedt, R Salenbien
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Integrated optimal design and control of fourth generation district heating networks with thermal energy storage
B van der Heijde, A Vandermeulen, R Salenbien, L Helsen
Energies 12 (14), 2766, 2019
Laser-based surface acoustic wave dispersion spectroscopy for extraction of thicknesses, depth, and elastic parameters of a subsurface layer: Feasibility study on intermetallic …
R Salenbien, R Côte, J Goossens, P Limaye, R Labie, C Glorieux
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Determination of thermoelastic material properties by differential heterodyne detection of impulsive stimulated thermal scattering
B Verstraeten, J Sermeus, R Salenbien, J Fivez, G Shkerdin, C Glorieux
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Improved control of radiator heating systems with thermostatic radiator valves without pre-setting function
T Benakopoulos, R Salenbien, D Vanhoudt, S Svendsen
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Corrosion behaviour of different steel types in artificial geothermal fluids
W Faes, S Lecompte, J Van Bael, R Salenbien, R Bäßler, I Bellemans, ...
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Sources of energy flexibility in district heating networks: building thermal inertia versus thermal energy storage in the network pipes
A Vandermeulen, G Reynders, B Van Der Heijde, D Vanhoudt, ...
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Determination of elastic and thermal properties of a thin nanocrystalline diamond coating using all-optical methods
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Evaluation of the return temperature reduction potential of optimized substation control
T Van Oevelen, D Vanhoudt, R Salenbien
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Strategy for low-temperature operation of radiator systems using data from existing digital heat cost allocators
T Benakopoulos, M Tunzi, R Salenbien, S Svendsen
Energy 231, 120928, 2021
Overview of solutions for the low-temperature operation of domestic hot-water systems with a circulation loop
T Benakopoulos, W Vergo, M Tunzi, R Salenbien, S Svendsen
Energies 14 (11), 3350, 2021
Energy and cost savings with continuous low temperature heating versus intermittent heating of an office building with district heating
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A novel demand-responsive control strategy for district heating systems, featuring return temperature reduction
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Energy and Built Environment 2 (1), 105-125, 2021
Unlocking flexibility by exploiting the thermal capacity of concrete core activation
B van der Heijde, M Sourbron, FJV Arance, R Salenbien, L Helsen
Energy Procedia 135, 92-104, 2017
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