Sebastian Baumgarten
Sebastian Baumgarten
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The genome of Aiptasia, a sea anemone model for coral symbiosis
S Baumgarten, O Simakov, LY Esherick, YJ Liew, EM Lehnert, CT Michell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (38), 11893-11898, 2015
Genomes of coral dinoflagellate symbionts highlight evolutionary adaptations conducive to a symbiotic lifestyle
M Aranda, Y Li, YJ Liew, S Baumgarten, O Simakov, MC Wilson, J Piel, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 39734, 2016
Comparative genomics explains the evolutionary success of reef-forming corals
D Bhattacharya, S Agrawal, M Aranda, S Baumgarten, M Belcaid, ...
elife 5, e13288, 2016
Comparative analysis of the genomes of Stylophora pistillata and Acropora digitifera provides evidence for extensive differences between species of corals
CR Voolstra, Y Li, YJ Liew, S Baumgarten, D Zoccola, JF Flot, S Tambutté, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 17583, 2017
Integrating microRNA and mRNA expression profiling in Symbiodinium microadriaticum, a dinoflagellate symbiont of reef-building corals
S Baumgarten, T Bayer, M Aranda, YJ Liew, A Carr, G Micklem, ...
BMC genomics 14, 1-18, 2013
Gene Expression Variation Resolves Species and Individual Strains among Coral-Associated Dinoflagellates within the Genus Symbiodinium
JE Parkinson, S Baumgarten, CT Michell, IB Baums, TC LaJeunesse, ...
Genome Biology and Evolution 8 (3), 665-680, 2016
Aiptasia sp. larvae as a model to reveal mechanisms of symbiont selection in cnidarians
I Wolfowicz, S Baumgarten, PA Voss, EA Hambleton, CR Voolstra, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 32366, 2016
A specific PfEMP1 is expressed in P. falciparum sporozoites and plays a role in hepatocyte infection
G Zanghì, SS Vembar, S Baumgarten, S Ding, J Guizetti, JM Bryant, ...
Cell reports 22 (11), 2951-2963, 2018
Metatranscriptome analysis of the reef-building coral Orbicella faveolata indicates holobiont response to coral disease
CA Daniels, S Baumgarten, LK Yum, CT Michell, T Bayer, C Arif, C Roder, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 2, 62, 2015
Distinct Bacterial Communities Associated with the Coral Model Aiptasia in Aposymbiotic and Symbiotic States with Symbiodinium
T Röthig, RM Costa, F Simona, S Baumgarten, AF Torres, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 3, 234, 2016
Hologenome analysis of two marine sponges with different microbiomes
T Ryu, L Seridi, L Moitinho-Silva, M Oates, YJ Liew, C Mavromatis, ...
BMC genomics 17, 1-11, 2016
Transcriptome-wide dynamics of extensive m6A mRNA methylation during Plasmodium falciparum blood-stage development
S Baumgarten, JM Bryant, A Sinha, T Reyser, PR Preiser, PC Dedon, ...
Nature Microbiology, 2019
Identification of MicroRNAs in the Coral Stylophora pistillata
YJ Liew, M Aranda, A Carr, S Baumgarten, D Zoccola, S Tambutté, ...
PLoS One 9 (3), e91101, 2014
Condition-specific RNA editing in the coral symbiont Symbiodinium microadriaticum
YJ Liew, Y Li, S Baumgarten, CR Voolstra, M Aranda
PLoS Genetics 13 (2), e1006619, 2017
CRISPR in parasitology: not exactly cut and dried!
JM Bryant, S Baumgarten, L Glover, S Hutchinson, N Rachidi
Trends in parasitology 35 (6), 409-422, 2019
A novel tool for the generation of conditional knockouts to study gene function across the Plasmodium falciparum life cycle
M Tibúrcio, ASP Yang, K Yahata, P Suárez-Cortés, H Belda, ...
MBio 10 (5), 10.1128/mbio. 01170-19, 2019
Exploring the virulence gene interactome with CRISPR/dCas9 in the human malaria parasite
JM Bryant, S Baumgarten, F Dingli, D Loew, A Sinha, A Claës, PR Preiser, ...
Molecular Systems Biology 16 (8), e9569, 2020
Evidence for miRNA‐mediated modulation of the host transcriptome in cnidarian–dinoflagellate symbiosis
S Baumgarten, MJ Cziesielski, L Thomas, CT Michell, LY Esherick, ...
Molecular Ecology 27 (2), 403-418, 2018
Modifications at K31 on the lateral surface of histone H4 contribute to genome structure and expression in apicomplexan parasites
F Sindikubwabo, S Ding, T Hussain, P Ortet, M Barakat, S Baumgarten, ...
Elife 6, e29391, 2017
Transcriptomes and expression profiling of deep-sea corals from the Red Sea provide insight into the biology of azooxanthellate corals
LK Yum, S Baumgarten, T Röthig, C Roder, A Roik, C Michell, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 6442, 2017
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