Etienne Gaufres
Etienne Gaufres
CNRS researcher at LP2N - Institut d'Optique Graduate School - Univ. of Bordeaux
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Citované v
Citované v
Photooxidation and quantum confinement effects in exfoliated black phosphorus
A Favron, E Gaufrès, F Fossard, AL Phaneuf-L’Heureux, NYW Tang, ...
Nature materials 14 (8), 826, 2015
Two-dimensional magnetotransport in a black phosphorus naked quantum well
V Tayari, N Hemsworth, I Fakih, A Favron, E Gaufrès, G Gervais, R Martel, ...
Nature Communications 6 (7702), 2015
Giant Raman scattering from J-aggregated dyes inside carbon nanotubes for multispectral imaging
E Gaufrès, NYW Tang, F Lapointe, J Cabana, MA Nadon, N Cottenye, ...
Nature Photonics 8 (1), 72-78, 2014
Graphene CVD: interplay between growth and etching on morphology and stacking by hydrogen and oxidizing impurities
S Choubak, PL Levesque, E Gaufres, M Biron, P Desjardins, R Martel
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (37), 21532-21540, 2014
Optical gain in carbon nanotubes
E Gaufrès, N Izard, X Le Roux, D Marris-Morini, S Kazaoui, E Cassan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96, 231105, 2010
Light Emission in Silicon from Carbon Nanotubes
E Gaufrès, N Izard, A Noury, X Le Roux, G Rasigade, A Beck, L Vivien
ACS nano 6 (5), 3813-3819, 2012
Optical microcavity with semiconducting single-wall carbon nanotubes
E Gaufrès, N Izard, XL Roux, S Kazaoui, D Marris-Morini, E Cassan, ...
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1010.5041, 2010
Exfoliating pristine black phosphorus down to the monolayer: photo-oxidation and electronic confinement effects
A Favron, E Gaufres, F Fossard, PL Lévesque, AL Phaneuf-L'Heureux, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1408.0345, 2014
Hyperspectral Raman imaging using Bragg tunable filters of graphene and other low‐dimensional materials
E Gaufrès, S Marcet, V Aymong, NYW Tang, A Favron, F Thouin, C Allard, ...
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 49 (1), 174-182, 2018
Stabilizing ultra-thin black phosphorus with in-situ-grown 1 nm-Al2O3 barrier
R Galceran, E Gaufres, A Loiseau, M Piquemal-Banci, F Godel, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (24), 2017
Aggregation Control of α-Sexithiophene via Isothermal Encapsulation Inside Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
E Gaufrès, NYW Tang, A Favron, C Allard, F Lapointe, V Jourdain, S Tahir, ...
ACS nano 10 (11), 10220-10226, 2016
Momentum-resolved dielectric response of free-standing mono-, bi-, and trilayer black phosphorus
E Gaufrès, F Fossard, V Gosselin, L Sponza, F Ducastelle, Z Li, SG Louie, ...
Nano Letters 19 (11), 8303-8310, 2019
Enhancement of semiconducting single-wall carbon-nanotube photoluminescence
E Gaufres, N Izard, L Vivien, S Kazaoui, D Marris-Morini, E Cassan
Optics letters 34 (24), 3845-3847, 2009
Confinement of dyes inside boron nitride nanotubes: photostable and shifted fluorescence down to the near infrared
C Allard, L Schué, F Fossard, G Recher, R Nascimento, E Flahaut, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (29), 2001429, 2020
Fano resonances in the midinfrared spectra of single-walled carbon nanotubes
F Lapointe, É Gaufrès, I Tremblay, NYW Tang, R Martel, P Desjardins
Physical Review Letters 109 (9), 097402, 2012
Plasmonic enhancement of SERS measured on molecules in carbon nanotubes
NS Mueller, S Heeg, P Kusch, E Gaufrès, NYW Tang, U Hübner, R Martel, ...
Faraday discussions 205, 85-103, 2017
Atomic layer deposition of a MgO barrier for a passivated black phosphorus spintronics platform
LM Kern, R Galceran, V Zatko, M Galbiati, F Godel, D Perconte, ...
Applied Physics Letters 114 (5), 2019
Excitons in bulk black phosphorus evidenced by photoluminescence at low temperature
E Carré, L Sponza, A Lusson, I Stenger, E Gaufrès, A Loiseau, J Barjon
2D Materials 8 (2), 021001, 2021
Electroabsorption study of index-defined semiconducting carbon nanotubes-A direct probe into carbon nanotube excitonic states
N Izard, E Gaufrès, X Le Roux, S Kazaoui, Y Murakami, D Marris-Morini, ...
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 55 (2), 20401, 2011
Antiresonances in the mid-infrared vibrational spectrum of functionalized graphene
F Lapointe, B Rousseau, V Aymong, M Nguyen, M Biron, E Gaufres, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (16), 9053-9062, 2017
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