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Human-started wildfires expand the fire niche across the United States
JK Balch, BA Bradley, JT Abatzoglou, RC Nagy, EJ Fusco, AL Mahood
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (11), 2946-2951, 2017
Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) distribution in the intermountain Western United States and its relationship to fire frequency, seasonality, and ignitions
BA Bradley, CA Curtis, EJ Fusco, JT Abatzoglou, JK Balch, S Dadashi, ...
Biological invasions 20, 1493-1506, 2018
Invasive grasses increase fire occurrence and frequency across US ecoregions
EJ Fusco, JT Finn, JK Balch, RC Nagy, BA Bradley
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (47), 23594-23599, 2019
Adjusting the lens of invasion biology to focus on the impacts of climate-driven range shifts
PD Wallingford, TL Morelli, JM Allen, EM Beaury, DM Blumenthal, ...
Nature Climate Change 10 (5), 398-405, 2020
Incorporating climate change into invasive species management: insights from managers
EM Beaury, EJ Fusco, MR Jackson, BB Laginhas, TL Morelli, JM Allen, ...
Biological Invasions, 1-20, 2019
Human-related ignitions increase the number of large wildfires across US ecoregions
RC Nagy, E Fusco, B Bradley, JT Abatzoglou, J Balch
Fire 1 (1), 4, 2018
Quantifying the human influence on fire ignition across the western USA
EJ Fusco, JT Abatzoglou, JK Balch, JT Finn, BA Bradley
Ecological applications 26 (8), 2390-2401, 2016
Detection rates and biases of fire observations from MODIS and agency reports in the conterminous United States
EJ Fusco, JT Finn, JT Abatzoglou, JK Balch, S Dadashi, BA Bradley
Remote sensing of environment 220, 30-40, 2019
A synthesis of the effects of cheatgrass invasion on US Great Basin carbon storage
RC Nagy, EJ Fusco, JK Balch, JT Finn, A Mahood, JM Allen, BA Bradley
Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (2), 327-337, 2021
Global environmental changes more frequently offset than intensify detrimental effects of biological invasions
BE Lopez, JM Allen, JS Dukes, J Lenoir, M Vilà, DM Blumenthal, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (22), e2117389119, 2022
Perception of global climate change as a mediator of the effects of major and religious affiliation on college students’ environmentally responsible behavior
E Fusco, A Snider, S Luo
Environmental Education Research 18 (6), 815-830, 2012
The human–grass–fire cycle: how people and invasives co‐occur to drive fire regimes
EJ Fusco, JK Balch, AL Mahood, RC Nagy, AD Syphard, BA Bradley
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 20 (2), 117-126, 2022
Accounting for aboveground carbon storage in shrubland and woodland ecosystems in the Great Basin
EJ Fusco, BM Rau, M Falkowski, S Filippelli, BA Bradley
Ecosphere 10 (8), e02821, 2019
Translational invasion ecology: bridging research and practice to address one of the greatest threats to biodiversity
TL Morelli, CJ Brown-Lima, JM Allen, EM Beaury, EJ Fusco, ...
Biological Invasions 23, 3323-3335, 2021
Plant regulatory lists in the United States are reactive and inconsistent
EM Beaury, EJ Fusco, JM Allen, BA Bradley
Journal of Applied Ecology 58 (9), 1957-1966, 2021
Predicting college students’ environmentally responsible behavior from personality, political attitudes, and place attachment: A synergistic model
AG Snider, S Luo, E Fusco
Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 8, 290-299, 2018
Regional invasive species & climate change management challenge: preparing for sleeper species
BA Bradley, E Beaury, EJ Fusco, B Laginhas, V Pasquarella
Invasive Species Policy Must Embrace a Changing Climate
BA Bradley, EM Beaury, EJ Fusco, BE Lopez
BioScience 73 (2), 124-133, 2023
Breaking down barriers to consistent, climate‐smart regulation of invasive plants: A case study of US Northeast states
BA Bradley, EM Beaury, EJ Fusco, L Munro, C Brown‐Lima, W Coville, ...
Ecosphere 13 (5), e4014, 2022
Regional Invasive Species & Climate Change Management Challenge: Why Native? Benefits of planting native species in a changing climate
EJ Fusco, JM Allen, EM Beaury, MR Jackson, BB Laginhas, BA Bradley
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