Travis Ingram
Travis Ingram
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Ecological release from interspecific competition leads to decoupled changes in population and individual niche width
DI Bolnick, T Ingram, WE Stutz, LK Snowberg, OL Lau, JS Paull
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Exceptional convergence on the macroevolutionary landscape in island lizard radiations
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SURFACE: detecting convergent evolution from comparative data by fitting Ornstein-Uhlenbeck models with stepwise Akaike Information Criterion.
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Phenotype‐dependent native habitat preference facilitates divergence between parapatric lake and stream stickleback
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Speciation along a depth gradient in a marine adaptive radiation
T Ingram
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Lipid extraction has little effect on the δ15N of aquatic consumers
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The dimensionality of individual niche variation
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Does intraspecific size variation in a predator affect its diet diversity and top-down control of prey?
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Split diversity in constrained conservation prioritization using integer linear programming
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Pattern and process in the comparative study of convergent evolution
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The Geography of Morphological Convergence in the Radiations of Pacific Sebastes Rockfishes
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Rockfish (Sebastes) that are evolutionarily isolated are also large, morphologically distinctive and vulnerable to overfishing
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When should we expect early bursts of trait evolution in comparative data? Predictions from an evolutionary food web model
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Assessing niche differences of sex, armour and asymmetry phenotypes using stable isotope analyses in Haida Gwaii sticklebacks
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Behaviour, 561-577, 2008
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