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Janus Borner
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The polyphyly of Plasmodium: comprehensive phylogenetic analyses of the malaria parasites (order Haemosporida) reveal widespread taxonomic conflict
SC Galen, J Borner, ES Martinsen, J Schaer, CC Austin, CJ West, ...
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Dating the arthropod tree based on large-scale transcriptome data
P Rehm, J Borner, K Meusemann, BM von Reumont, S Simon, H Hadrys, ...
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A transcriptome approach to ecdysozoan phylogeny
J Borner, P Rehm, RO Schill, I Ebersberger, T Burmester
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Phylogeny of haemosporidian blood parasites revealed by a multi-gene approach
J Borner, C Pick, J Thiede, OM Kolawole, MT Kingsley, J Schulze, ...
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A 454 sequencing approach for large scale phylogenomic analysis of the common emperor scorpion (Pandinus imperator)
F Roeding, J Borner, M Kube, S Klages, R Reinhardt, T Burmester
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53 (3), 826-834, 2009
The taming of an impossible child: a standardized all-in approach to the phylogeny of Hymenoptera using public database sequences
RS Peters, B Meyer, L Krogmann, J Borner, K Meusemann, K Schütte, ...
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Phylogenetic position of Myriapoda revealed by 454 transcriptome sequencing
P Rehm, K Meusemann, J Borner, B Misof, T Burmester
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The diversity and evolution of chelicerate hemocyanins
P Rehm, C Pick, J Borner, J Markl, T Burmester
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The Plasmodium falciparum exportome contains non‐canonical PEXEL/HT proteins
J Schulze, M Kwiatkowski, J Borner, H Schlüter, I Bruchhaus, T Burmester, ...
Molecular microbiology 97 (2), 301-314, 2015
Parasite infection of public databases: a data mining approach to identify apicomplexan contaminations in animal genome and transcriptome assemblies
J Borner, T Burmester
BMC genomics 18 (1), 100, 2017
Metatranscriptomics yields new genomic resources and sensitive detection of infections for diverse blood parasites
SC Galen, J Borner, JL Williamson, CC Witt, SL Perkins
Molecular Ecology Resources 20 (1), 14-28, 2020
Evaluating the hypoxia response of ruffe and flounder gills by a combined proteome and transcriptome approach
J Tiedke, J Borner, H Beeck, M Kwiatkowski, H Schmidt, R Thiel, ...
PloS one 10 (8), e0135911, 2015
Oligonucleotide primers for targeted amplification of single-copy nuclear genes in apocritan Hymenoptera
G Hartig, RS Peters, J Borner, C Etzbauer, B Misof, O Niehuis
PLoS One 7 (6), e39826, 2012
Phylogeny of the chelicerates: morphological and molecular evidence
J Dunlop, J Borner, T Burmester
Deep Metazoan Phylogeny: The Backbone of the Tree of Life. Berlin: Walter de …, 2014
Evolution of host specificity by malaria parasites through altered mechanisms controlling genome maintenance
MC Siao, J Borner, SL Perkins, KW Deitsch, LA Kirkman
Mbio 11 (2), 10.1128/mbio. 03272-19, 2020
Comparative transcriptomics of the Djungarian hamster hypothalamus during short photoperiod acclimation and spontaneous torpor
E Haugg, J Borner, V Diedrich, A Herwig
FEBS Open bio 12 (2), 443-459, 2022
Phylogenomics from transcriptomic “bycatch” clarify the origins and diversity of avian trypanosomes in North America
SC Galen, J Borner, SL Perkins, JD Weckstein
PloS one 15 (10), e0240062, 2020
Comparative transcriptomics of the garden dormouse hypothalamus during hibernation
E Haugg, J Borner, G Stalder, A Kübber‐Heiss, S Giroud, A Herwig
FEBS Open bio 14 (2), 241-257, 2024
Molecular phylogenetic analyses of Ecdysozoa and Haemosporida
J Borner
Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky, 2017
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