Eduardo Mateus
Eduardo Mateus
Researcher, CENSE-FCT
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Citované v
Citované v
Biosorption of arsenic (V) with Lessonia nigrescens
HK Hansen, A Ribeiro, E Mateus
Minerals engineering 19 (5), 486-490, 2006
Electrodialytic removal of Cu, Cr, and As from chromated copper arsenate-treated timber waste
AB Ribeiro, EP Mateus, LM Ottosen, G Bech-Nielsen
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Removal of organic contaminants from soils by an electrokinetic process: the case of atrazine.: Experimental and modeling
AB Ribeiro, JM Rodrıguez-Maroto, EP Mateus, H Gomes
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Removal of organic contaminants from soils by an electrokinetic process: the case of molinate and bentazone. Experimental and modeling
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Electrokinetic remediation of six emerging organic contaminants from soil
P Guedes, EP Mateus, N Couto, Y Rodríguez, AB Ribeiro
Chemosphere 117, 124-131, 2014
Climate Warming and Past and Present Distribution of the Processionary Moths (Thaumetopoea spp.) in Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa
A Roques, J Rousselet, M Avcı, DN Avtzis, A Basso, A Battisti, ...
Processionary moths and climate change: an update, 81-161, 2014
Characterization of the volatile fraction emitted by phloems of four pinus species by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
AM Santos, T Vasconcelos, E Mateus, MH Farrall, MDRG da Silva, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1105 (1-2), 191-198, 2006
Electrodialytic removal of tungsten and arsenic from secondary mine resources—Deep eutectic solvents enhancement
J Almeida, R Craveiro, P Faria, AS Silva, EP Mateus, S Barreiros, A Paiva, ...
Science of the Total Environment 710, 136364, 2020
Characterization of the volatile fraction emitted by Pinus spp. by one-and two-dimensional chromatographic techniques with mass spectrometric detection
E Mateus, RC Barata, J Zrostlíková, MDRG da Silva, MR Paiva
Journal of Chromatography A 1217 (11), 1845-1855, 2010
Emerging organic contaminants in wastewater: Understanding electrochemical reactors for triclosan and its by-products degradation
C Magro, EP Mateus, JM Paz-Garcia, AB Ribeiro
Chemosphere 247, 125758, 2020
Electrodialytic treatment of sewage sludge: current intensity influence on phosphorus recovery and organic contaminants removal
P Guedes, EP Mateus, J Almeida, AR Ferreira, N Couto, AB Ribeiro
Chemical Engineering Journal 306, 1058-1066, 2016
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AB Ribeiro, JM Rodríguez-Maroto, EP Mateus, E Velizarova, LM Ottosen
Chemosphere 66 (9), 1716-1726, 2007
Overview of electronic tongue sensing in environmental aqueous matrices: Potential for monitoring emerging organic contaminants
C Magro, EP Mateus, M Raposo, AB Ribeiro
Environmental Reviews 27 (2), 202-214, 2019
Qualitative mass spectrometric analysis of the volatile fraction of creosote-treated railway wood sleepers by using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography
EP Mateus, MDRG da Silva, AB Ribeiro, PJ Marriott
Journal of Chromatography A 1178 (1-2), 215-222, 2008
Effect of different extracting solutions on the electrodialytic remediation of CCA-treated wood waste Part I.: Behaviour of Cu and Cr
E Velizarova, AB Ribeiro, E Mateus, LM Ottosen
Journal of hazardous materials 107 (3), 103-113, 2004
Potential of the electrodialytic process for emerging organic contaminants remediation and phosphorus separation from sewage sludge
P Guedes, C Magro, N Couto, A Mosca, EP Mateus, AB Ribeiro
Electrochimica Acta 181, 109-117, 2015
Diagnostic analysis of electrodialysis in mine tailing materials
HK Hansen, AB Ribeiro, EP Mateus, LM Ottosen
Electrochimica acta 52 (10), 3406-3411, 2007
Insect – Tree Interactions in Thaumetopoea pityocampa
H Jactel, L Barbaro, A Battisti, A Bosc, M Branco, E Brockerhoff, ...
Processionary moths and climate change: An update, 265-310, 2014
Pine volatiles mediate host selection for oviposition by Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Lep., Notodontidae)
MR Paiva, E Mateus, MH Santos, MR Branco
Journal of Applied Entomology 135 (3), 195-203, 2011
Electrokinetics across disciplines and continents
AB Ribeiro, EP Mateus, N Couto
New Strategies for Sustainable Development.(Netherlands: Springer …, 2016
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