Conrad D. James
Citované v
Citované v
Parallel programming of an ionic floating-gate memory array for scalable neuromorphic computing
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Li-ion synaptic transistor for low power analog computing
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Chemical and topographical patterning for directed cell attachment
HG Craighead, CD James, AMP Turner
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TJ Draelos, NE Miner, CC Lamb, JA Cox, CM Vineyard, KD Carlson, ...
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A historical survey of algorithms and hardware architectures for neural-inspired and neuromorphic computing applications
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PR Mickel, AJ Lohn, B Joon Choi, J Joshua Yang, MX Zhang, ...
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MBM Meddens, S Liu, PS Finnegan, TL Edwards, CD James, KA Lidke
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An electrochemical detector array to study cell biology on the nanoscale
AF Dias, G Dernick, V Valero, MG Yong, CD James, HG Craighead, ...
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Preface to First Issue of Heart India
AK Singh
Heart India 1 (1), 1-2, 2013
A microfluidic system combining acoustic and dielectrophoretic particle preconcentration and focusing
SK Ravula, DW Branch, CD James, RJ Townsend, M Hill, G Kaduchak, ...
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Isothermal switching and detailed filament evolution in memristive systems.
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DJ Bennett, B Khusid, CD James, PC Galambos, M Okandan, D Jacqmin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 83 (23), 4866-4868, 2003
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