Sheina Lew-Levy
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How Do Hunter-Gatherer Children Learn Subsistence Skills? A meta-ethnographic review
S Lew-Levy, R Reckin, N Lavi, J Cristóbal-Azkarate, K Ellis-Davies
Human Nature 28 (4), 367-394, 2017
Universal norm psychology leads to societal diversity in prosocial behaviour and development
BR House, P Kanngiesser, HC Barrett, T Broesch, S Cebioglu, ...
Nature Human Behaviour 4 (1), 36-44, 2020
How do hunter-gatherer children learn social and gender norms? A meta-ethnographic review
S Lew-Levy, N Lavi, R Reckin, J Cristóbal-Azkarate, K Ellis-Davies
Cross-Cultural Research 52 (2), 213-255, 2018
Who teaches children to forage? Exploring the primacy of child-to-child teaching among Hadza and BaYaka Hunter-Gatherers of Tanzania and Congo
S Lew-Levy, SM Kissler, AH Boyette, AN Crittenden, IA Mabulla, ...
Evolution and Human Behavior 40 (1), 12-22, 2020
Gender-typed and gender-segregated play among Tanzanian Hadza and Congolese BaYaka hunter-gatherer children and adolescents
S Lew-Levy, AH Boyette, AN Crittenden, BS Hewlett, M Lamb
Child Development 91 (4), 1284-1301, 2020
Inter-and intra-cultural variation in learning-through-participation among Hadza and BaYaka forager children and adolescents from Tanzania and Congo
S Lew-Levy, AN Crittenden, AH Boyette, IA Mabulla, BS Hewlett, ...
Journal of Psychology in Africa 29 (4), 309-318, 2019
Evidence for the adaptive learning function of work and work-themed play among Aka forager and Ngandu farmer Children from the Congo Basin
S Lew-Levy, AH Boyette
Human Nature 29 (2), 157-185, 2018
Physical activity and time budgets of Hadza forager children: Implications for self‐provisioning and the ontogeny of the sexual division of labor
AW Froehle, GK Wells, TR Pollom, AZP Mabulla, S Lew‐Levy, ...
American Journal of Human Biology 31 (1), e23209, 2019
Fatherhood, egalitarianism, and child health in two small‐scale societies in the Republic of the Congo
AH Boyette, S Lew‐Levy, MS Sarma, V Miegakanda, LT Gettler
American Journal of Human Biology 32, e23342, 2020
Dimensions of fatherhood in a Congo Basin village: a multimethod analysis of intracultural variation in men’s parenting and its relevance for child health
AH Boyette, S Lew-Levy, LT Gettler
Current Anthropology 59 (6), 839-847, 2018
How small-scale societies achieve large-scale cooperation
L Glowacki, S Lew-Levy
Current Opinion in Psychology 44, 44-48, 2022
Where innovations flourish: an ethnographic and archaeological overview of hunter–gatherer learning contexts
S Lew-Levy, A Milks, N Lavi, SM Pope, DE Friesem
Evolutionary Human Sciences 2 (e31), 1-23, 2020
The life history of learning subsistence skills among Hadza and BaYaka foragers from Tanzania and the Republic of Congo
S Lew-Levy, EJ Ringen, AN Crittenden, IA Mabulla, T Broesch, MA Kline
Human Nature 32, 16-47, 2021
Socioecology shapes child and adolescent time allocation in twelve hunter-gatherer and mixed-subsistence forager societies
S Lew-Levy, R Reckin, SM Kissler, I Pretelli, AH Boyette, AN Crittenden, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 8054, 2022
Testosterone, fathers as providers and caregivers, and child health: Evidence from fisher-farmers in the Republic of the Congo
AH Boyette, S Lew-Levy, MS Sarma, LT Gettler
Hormones and behavior 107, 35-45, 2019
Sex differences in daily activity intensity and energy expenditure and their relationship to cortisol among BaYaka foragers from the Congo Basin
MS Sarma, AH Boyette, S Lew‐Levy, V Miegakanda, E Kilius, DR Samson, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 172 (3), 423-437, 2020
Sharing and caring: Testosterone, fathering, and generosity among BaYaka foragers of the Congo Basin
LT Gettler, S Lew-Levy, MS Sarma, V Miegakanda, AH Boyette
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 15422, 2020
Epigenetic aging in children from a small‐scale farming society in The Congo Basin: Associations with child growth and family conflict
LT Gettler, DTS Lin, V Miegakanda, S Lew‐Levy, GN Eick, JJ Snodgrass, ...
Developmental Psychobiology 62 (2), 138-153, 2020
Out of the empirical box: A mixed-methods study of tool innovation among Congolese BaYaka forager and Bondongo fisher–farmer children
S Lew-Levy, SM Pope, DBM Haun, MA Kline, T Broesch
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 211, 105223, 2021
Cultural components of sex differences in color preference
JTM Davis, E Robertson, S Lew‐Levy, K Neldner, R Kapitany, M Nielsen, ...
Child development 92 (4), 1574-1589, 2021
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