Deborah Bolnick
Deborah Bolnick
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The science and business of genetic ancestry testing
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Individual ancestry inference and the reification of race as a biological phenomenon
DA Bolnick
Revisiting race in a genomic age, 70-85, 2008
Rights, interests and expectations: Indigenous perspectives on unrestricted access to genomic data
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AAPA statement on race and racism
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Ancient DNA perspectives on American colonization and population history
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High-resolution Y chromosome haplotypes of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs reveal geographic substructure and substantial overlap with haplotypes of Jews
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Advancing the ethics of paleogenomics
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Asymmetric male and female genetic histories among Native Americans from Eastern North America
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Clines without classes: How to make sense of human variation
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The illusive gold standard in genetic ancestry testing
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Nondestructive sampling of human skeletal remains yields ancient nuclear and mitochondrial DNA
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Problematic use of Greenberg's linguistic classification of the Americas in studies of Native American genetic variation
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Unexpected patterns of mitochondrial DNA variation among Native Americans from the southeastern United States
DA Bolnick, DG Smith
American Journal of Physical Anthropology: The Official Publication of the …, 2003
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