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Natacha Motisi
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Citované v
Citované v
Agroecosystem management and biotic interactions: a review
S Médiène, M Valantin-Morison, JP Sarthou, S De Tourdonnet, M Gosme, ...
Agronomy for sustainable development 31, 491-514, 2011
Growing Brassica juncea as a cover crop, then incorporating its residues provide complementary control of Rhizoctonia root rot of sugar beet
N Motisi, F Montfort, V Faloya, P Lucas, T Doré
Field Crops Research 113 (3), 238-245, 2009
Ad hoc modeling in agronomy: what have we learned in the last 15 years?
F Affholder, P Tittonell, M Corbeels, S Roux, N Motisi, P Tixier, J Wery
Agronomy Journal 104 (3), 735-748, 2012
Dealing with the variability in biofumigation efficacy through an epidemiological framework
N Motisi, T Doré, P Lucas, F Montfort
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 42 (12), 2044-2057, 2010
Duration of control of two soilborne pathogens following incorporation of above‐ and below‐ground residues of Brassica juncea into soil
N Motisi, F Montfort, T Doré, N Romillac, P Lucas
Plant pathology 58 (3), 470-478, 2009
Epidemiological analysis of the effects of biofumigation for biological control of root rot in sugar beet
N Motisi, S Poggi, JAN Filipe, P Lucas, T Doré, F Montfort, CA Gilligan, ...
Plant Pathology 62 (1), 69-78, 2013
Coffee tree architecture and its interactions with microclimates drive the dynamics of coffee berry disease in coffee trees
N Motisi, F Ribeyre, S Poggi
Scientific reports 9 (1), 2544, 2019
Shift in C and N humification during legume litter decomposition in an acid tropical Ferralsol
J Sierra, N Motisi
Soil Research 50 (5), 380-389, 2012
Improved forecasting of coffee leaf rust by qualitative modeling: Design and expert validation of the ExpeRoya model
N Motisi, P Bommel, G Leclerc, MH Robin, JN Aubertot, AA Butron, I Merle, ...
Agricultural Systems 197, 103352, 2022
Tree effects on coffee leaf rust at field and landscape scales
J Avelino, S Gagliardi, I Perfecto, ME Isaac, T Liebig, J Vandermeer, ...
Plant Disease 107 (2), 247-261, 2023
Réguler les maladies d’origine tellurique par une culture intermédiaire de Brassicacées: mécanismes d’action et conditions d’expression dans une rotation betterave-blé
N Motisi
AGROCAMPUS OUEST; Université européenne de Bretagne, 2009
Régulation des bioagresseurs des cultures dans les systèmes agroforestiers tropicaux, revue des approches
L Bagny-Beilhe, C Allinne, J Avelino, R Babin, T Brévault, C Gidoin, ...
Ed. Quae, 2019
The dark side of shade: How microclimates drive the epidemiological mechanisms of coffee berry disease
N Motisi, J Papaïx, S Poggi
Phytopathology® 112 (6), 1235-1243, 2022
Modelling nitrogen dynamics and maize production in direct seeding mulch-based cropping systems in the Brazilian Cerrados using the STICS soil-crop model
N Motisi, A Maltas, F Affholder, J Sierra, E Scopel, M Corbeels
Proceedings of Agro, 273-274, 2010
Evaluación del método de la abundancia natural 15N en la estimación del efecto de la transferencia de nitrógeno de la leguminosa Canavalia ensiformis (Canavalia) sobre la …
N Motisi, R Tournebize, J Sierra
Cultivos Tropicales 28 (1), 77-83, 2007
In vitro sensitivity of some soil-borne pathogens to allelopathic compounds of some Brassicaceae. Prospects for soil-borne pest management
N Motisi, C Ravenel, F Limache, F Montfort
Proceedings of the 32nd International carrot conference, 5-7 September 2007 …, 2007
Wind-flow dynamics and spore-like particle dispersal over agroforestry systems: Impact of the tree density distribution
S Dupont, MR Irvine, N Motisi, C Allinne, J Avelino, LB Beilhe
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 327, 109214, 2022
Coffee leaf rust (Hemeleia vastatrix) risk management in Central America: contribution of remote interactive simulations
G Leclerc, P Bommel, N Motisi, R Vezy, E Treminio, J Avelino
Agronomie, Environnement & Sociétés 11 (2), 2021
FramePests: A comprehensive framework for crop pests modeling and forecasting
E Lasso, N Motisi, J Avelino, JC Corrales
IEEE Access 9, 115579-115598, 2021
Influence of pollination on the number of beans per cacao pod.
F Ribeyre, C Cilas, N Motisi, P Reffye
International Symposium on Cocoa Research (ISCR), Lima, Peru, 13-17 November …, 2018
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