C S Narayanamurthy
C S Narayanamurthy
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Diffusivity studies of transparent liquid solutions by use of digital holographic interferometry
A Anand, VK Chhaniwal, CS Narayanamurthy
Applied optics 45 (5), 904-909, 2006
Investigation on vibration excitation of debonded sandwich structures using time-average digital holography
BP Thomas, SA Pillai, CS Narayanamurthy
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VK Chhaniwal, A Anand, S Girhe, D Patil, N Subrahmanyam, ...
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Digital holographic photoelasticity
CS Narayanamurthy, G Pedrini, W Osten
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Diffusion studies in liquids by multiple beam interferometer
A Anand, VK Chhaniwal, S Mukherjee, CS Narayanamurthy
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Vertical and spatial distribution of elevated aerosol layers obtained using long-term ground-based and space-borne lidar observations
G Gupta, MV Ratnam, BL Madhavan, P Prasad, CS Narayanamurthy
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Measurement of diffusion coefficient of transparent liquid solutions using Michelson interferometer
VK Chhaniwal, A Anand, CS Narayanamurthy
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Long-term trends in Aerosol Optical Depth obtained across the globe using multi-satellite measurements
G Gupta, MV Ratnam, BL Madhavan, CS Narayanamurthy
Atmospheric Environment 273, 118953, 2022
Geometric phase shifting digital holography
BJ Jackin, CS Narayanamurthy, T Yatagai
Optics Letters 41 (11), 2648-2651, 2016
Collimation testing using temporal coherence
CS Narayanamurthy
Optical Engineering 35 (4), 1161-1164, 1996
Iterative method of baffle design for modified Ritchey–Chretien telescope
MS Kumar, CS Narayanamurthy, ASK Kumar
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Collimation testing with optically active materials
A Anand, VK Chhaniwal, CS Narayanamurthy
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Localization of fringes in speckle photography that are due to axial motion of the diffuse object
C Joenathan, CS Narayanamurthy, RS Sirohi
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Hairiness measurement of textile yarns using crossed polarizers
A Anand, VK Chhaniwal, CS Narayanamurthy
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Speckle pattern fringes produced by longitudinal motion of the diffuse object—sensitivity dependence and multiple exposures
CS Narayanamurthy, C Joenathan
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Phase-sharing using a Mach–Zehnder interferometer
L Thomas, JS Ivan, PAA Yasir, R Sharma, RK Singh, CS Narayanamurthy, ...
Applied optics 54 (4), 699-706, 2015
Radial and rotational slope contours in speckle shear interferometry
C Joenathan, CS Narayanamurthy, RS Sirohi
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Design and analysis of optimum baffle for a Cassegrain telescope
M Senthil Kumar, CS Narayanamurthy, AS Kiran Kumar
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Wave propagation analysis using the variance matrix
R Sharma, JS Ivan, CS Narayanamurthy
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Determination of refractive indices of biconvex lenses by use of a Michelson interferometer
VK Chhaniwal, A Anand, CS Narayanamurthy
Applied optics 45 (17), 3985-3990, 2006
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