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Britney Wardecker
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Prenatal hormones in first‐time expectant parents: Longitudinal changes and within‐couple correlations
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Fathers' decline in testosterone and synchrony with partner testosterone during pregnancy predicts greater postpartum relationship investment
DE Saxbe, RS Edelstein, HM Lyden, BM Wardecker, WJ Chopik, ...
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Individual differences in attachment are associated with usage and perceived intimacy of different communication media
BM Wardecker, WJ Chopik, MP Boyer, RS Edelstein
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JL Matsick, BM Wardecker, F Oswald
Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7 (2), 205-213, 2020
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Families of choice and community connectedness: A brief guide to the social strengths of LGBTQ older adults
BM Wardecker, JL Matsick
Journal of Gerontological Nursing 46 (2), 5-8, 2020
Out of the mouths of babes: Links between linguistic structure of loss narratives and psychosocial functioning in parentally bereaved children
JB Kaplow, BM Wardecker, CM Layne, E Kross, A Burnside, RS Edelstein, ...
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Division of baby care in heterosexual and lesbian parents: Expectations versus reality
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Journal of Marriage and Family 83 (2), 584-594, 2021
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