Nathaniel Lambert
Nathaniel Lambert
Professor of Psychology
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To belong is to matter: Sense of belonging enhances meaning in life
NM Lambert, TF Stillman, JA Hicks, S Kamble, RF Baumeister, ...
Personality and social psychology bulletin 39 (11), 1418-1427, 2013
Alone and without purpose: Life loses meaning following social exclusion
TF Stillman, RF Baumeister, NM Lambert, AW Crescioni, CN DeWall, ...
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A prototype analysis of gratitude: Varieties of gratitude experiences
NM Lambert, SM Graham, FD Fincham
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 35 (9), 1193-1207, 2009
Benefits of expressing gratitude: Expressing gratitude to a partner changes one’s view of the relationship
NM Lambert, MS Clark, J Durtschi, FD Fincham, SM Graham
Psychological Science 21 (4), 574-580, 2010
Gratitude and depressive symptoms: The role of positive reframing and positive emotion
NM Lambert, FD Fincham, TF Stillman
Cognition & emotion 26 (4), 615-633, 2012
How religiosity helps couples prevent, resolve, and overcome marital conflict
NM Lambert, DC Dollahite
Family Relations 55 (4), 439-449, 2006
Expressing gratitude to a partner leads to more relationship maintenance behavior.
NM Lambert, FD Fincham
Emotion 11 (1), 52, 2011
Family as a salient source of meaning in young adulthood
NM Lambert, TF Stillman, RF Baumeister, FD Fincham, JA Hicks, ...
The Journal of Positive Psychology 5 (5), 367-376, 2010
More gratitude, less materialism: The mediating role of life satisfaction
NM Lambert, FD Fincham, TF Stillman, LR Dean
The journal of positive psychology 4 (1), 32-42, 2009
So far away from one's partner, yet so close to romantic alternatives: avoidant attachment, interest in alternatives, and infidelity.
CN DeWall, NM Lambert, EB Slotter, RS Pond Jr, T Deckman, EJ Finkel, ...
Journal of personality and social psychology 101 (6), 1302, 2011
Emotion differentiation moderates aggressive tendencies in angry people: A daily diary analysis.
RS Pond Jr, TB Kashdan, CN DeWall, A Savostyanova, NM Lambert, ...
Emotion 12 (2), 326, 2012
A boost of positive affect: The perks of sharing positive experiences
NM Lambert, AM Gwinn, RF Baumeister, A Strachman, IJ Washburn, ...
Journal of Social and Personal Relationships 30 (1), 24-43, 2013
A love that doesn't last: Pornography consumption and weakened commitment to one's romantic partner
NM Lambert, S Negash, TF Stillman, SB Olmstead, FD Fincham
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 31 (4), 410-438, 2012
A changed perspective: How gratitude can affect sense of coherence through positive reframing
NM Lambert, SM Graham, FD Fincham, TF Stillman
The Journal of Positive Psychology 4 (6), 461-470, 2009
Personal philosophy and personnel achievement: Belief in free will predicts better job performance
TF Stillman, RF Baumeister, KD Vohs, NM Lambert, FD Fincham, ...
Social Psychological and Personality Science 1 (1), 43-50, 2010
Can prayer increase gratitude?
NM Lambert, FD Fincham, SR Braithwaite, SM Graham, SRH Beach
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 1 (3), 139, 2009
The threefold cord: Marital commitment in religious couples
NM Lambert, DC Dollahite
Journal of family issues 29 (5), 592-614, 2008
A grateful heart is a nonviolent heart: Cross-sectional, experience sampling, longitudinal, and experimental evidence
CN Dewall, NM Lambert, RS Pond Jr, TB Kashdan, FD Fincham
Social Psychological and Personality Science 3 (2), 232-240, 2012
Faith and unfaithfulness: Can praying for your partner reduce infidelity?
FD Fincham, NM Lambert, SRH Beach
Journal of personality and social psychology 99 (4), 649, 2010
The material and immaterial in conflict: Spirituality reduces conspicuous consumption
TF Stillman, FD Fincham, KD Vohs, NM Lambert, CA Phillips
Journal of Economic Psychology 33 (1), 1-7, 2012
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