Elena Bencurova
Elena Bencurova
University of Würzburg
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Citované v
Citované v
Current state-of-the-art molecular dynamics methods and applications
D Vlachakis, E Bencurova, N Papangelopoulos, S Kossida
Advances in protein chemistry and structural biology 94, 269-313, 2014
OspA-CD40 dyad: ligand-receptor interaction in the translocation of neuroinvasive Borrelia across the blood-brain barrier
L Pulzova, A Kovac, R Mucha, P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, M Madar, ...
Scientific reports 1 (1), 1-10, 2011
An insight into the ligand–receptor interactions involved in the translocation of pathogens across blood–brain barrier
E Bencurova, P Mlynarcik, M Bhide
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology 63 (3), 297-318, 2011
Detection of West Nile virus and tick-borne encephalitis virus in birds in Slovakia, using a universal primer set
T Csank, K Bhide, E Bencúrová, S Dolinská, P Drzewnioková, P Major, ...
Archives of virology 161 (6), 1679-1683, 2016
Host use of a specialist lichen-feeder: dealing with lichen secondary metabolites
H Pöykkö, M Bačkor, E Bencúrová, V Molcanová, M Bačkorová, ...
Oecologia 164 (2), 423-430, 2010
A rapid and simple pipeline for synthesis of mRNA–ribosome–VHH complexes used in single-domain antibody ribosome display
E Bencurova, L Pulzova, Z Flachbartova, M Bhide
Molecular Biosystems 11 (6), 1515-1524, 2015
Exploitation of complement regulatory proteins by Borrelia and Francisella
M Madar, E Bencurova, P Mlynarcik, AM Almeida, R Soares, K Bhide, ...
Molecular BioSystems 11 (6), 1684-1695, 2015
Inhibition of multidrug resistant Listeria monocytogenes by peptides isolated from combinatorial phage display libraries
Z Flachbartova, L Pulzova, E Bencurova, L Potocnakova, L Comor, ...
Microbiological research 188, 34-41, 2016
Deciphering the protein interaction in adhesion of Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica to the endothelial cells
E Bencurova, A Kovac, L Pulzova, M Gyuranecz, P Mlynarcik, R Mucha, ...
Microbial pathogenesis 81, 6-15, 2015
Joining the in vitro immunization of alpaca lymphocytes and phage display: rapid and cost effective pipeline for sdAb synthesis
L Comor, S Dolinska, K Bhide, L Pulzova, I Jiménez-Munguía, ...
Microbial cell factories 16 (1), 1-13, 2017
The cytokinin-activating LOG-family proteins are not lysine decarboxylases
M Naseem, E Bencurova, T Dandekar
Trends in biochemical sciences 43 (4), 232-236, 2018
Deciphering the interface between a CD40 receptor and borrelial ligand OspA
P Mlynarcik, L Pulzova, E Bencurova, A Kovac, MA Dominguez, S Hresko, ...
Microbiological research 170, 51-60, 2015
Variable regions in the sushi domains 6–7 and 19–20 of factor H in animals and human lead to change in the affinity to factor H binding protein of Borrelia
M Bhide, K Bhide, L Pulzova, M Madar, P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, ...
Journal of proteomics 75 (14), 4520-4528, 2012
Identification of B‐cell epitopes of Borrelia burgdorferi outer surface protein C by screening a phage‐displayed gene fragment library
L Pulzova, Z Flachbartova, E Bencurova, L Potocnakova, L Comor, ...
Microbiology and immunology 60 (10), 669-677, 2016
Rapid in vitro protein synthesis pipeline: a promising tool for cost-effective protein array design
M Bhide, S Natarajan, S Hresko, C Aguilar, E Bencurova
Molecular BioSystems 10 (6), 1236-1245, 2014
Development of simple and rapid elution methods for proteins from various affinity beads for their direct MALDI-TOF downstream application
P Mlynarcik, E Bencurova, M Madar, R Mucha, L Pulzova, S Hresko, ...
Journal of proteomics 75 (14), 4529-4535, 2012
Identification of Antifungal Targets Based on Computer Modeling
E Bencurova, SK Gupta, E Sarukhanyan, T Dandekar
Journal of fungi 4 (3), 80, 2018
Omics and bioinformatics applied to vaccine development against Borrelia
E Bencurova, SK Gupta, E Oskoueian, M Bhide, T Dandekar
Molecular omics 14 (5), 330-340, 2018
Improving re-annotation of annotated eukaryotic genomes
SK Gupta, E Bencurova, M Srivastava, P Pahlavan, J Balkenhol, ...
Big Data Analytics in Genomics, 171-195, 2016
Application of proteomic biomarkers in livestock disease management
E Oskoueian, PD Eckersall, E Bencurova, T Dandekar
Agricultural Proteomics Volume 2, 299-310, 2016
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