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Jude Marek Przyborski
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A single member of the Plasmodium falciparum var multigene family determines cytoadhesion to the placental receptor chondroitin sulphate A
NK Viebig, B Gamain, C Scheidig, C Lépolard, J Przyborski, M Lanzer, ...
EMBO reports 6 (8), 775-781, 2005
Compartmentation of redox metabolism in malaria parasites
S Kehr, N Sturm, S Rahlfs, JM Przyborski, K Becker
PLoS pathogens 6 (12), e1001242, 2010
Trafficking of STEVOR to the Maurer's clefts in Plasmodium falciparum‐infected erythrocytes
JM Przyborski, SK Miller, JM Pfahler, PP Henrich, P Rohrbach, BS Crabb, ...
The EMBO journal 24 (13), 2306-2317, 2005
Plasmodium falciparum‐encoded exported hsp70/hsp40 chaperone/co‐chaperone complexes within the host erythrocyte
S Külzer, S Charnaud, T Dagan, J Riedel, P Mandal, ER Pesce, GL Blatch, ...
Cellular microbiology 14 (11), 1784-1795, 2012
Der1-mediated preprotein import into the periplastid compartment of chromalveolates?
MS Sommer, SB Gould, P Lehmann, A Gruber, JM Przyborski, UG Maier
Molecular biology and evolution 24 (4), 918-928, 2007
Protein unfolding is an essential requirement for transport across the parasitophorous vacuolar membrane of Plasmodium falciparum
N Gehde, C Hinrichs, I Montilla, S Charpian, K Lingelbach, JM Przyborski
Molecular microbiology 71 (3), 613-628, 2009
Uncovering common principles in protein export of malaria parasites
C Grüring, A Heiber, F Kruse, S Flemming, G Franci, SF Colombo, ...
Cell host & microbe 12 (5), 717-729, 2012
Parasite‐encoded Hsp40 proteins define novel mobile structures in the cytosol of the P. falciparum‐infected erythrocyte
S Külzer, M Rug, K Brinkmann, P Cannon, A Cowman, K Lingelbach, ...
Cellular microbiology 12 (10), 1398-1420, 2010
An Unusual ERAD-Like Complex Is Targeted to the Apicoplast of Plasmodium falciparum
S Spork, JA Hiss, K Mandel, M Sommer, TWA Kooij, T Chu, G Schneider, ...
Eukaryotic cell 8 (8), 1134-1145, 2009
Spatial association with PTEX complexes defines regions for effector export into Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes
DT Riglar, KL Rogers, E Hanssen, L Turnbull, HE Bullen, SC Charnaud, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1415, 2013
Maurer’s clefts—a novel secretory organelle?
JM Przyborski, H Wickert, G Krohne, M Lanzer
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 132 (1), 17-26, 2003
Malaria proteases mediate inside‐out egress of gametocytes from red blood cells following parasite transmission to the mosquito
L Sologub, A Kuehn, S Kern, J Przyborski, R Schillig, G Pradel
Cellular microbiology 13 (6), 897-912, 2011
Wherever I may roam: protein and membrane trafficking in P. falciparum-infected red blood cells
M Deponte, HC Hoppe, MCS Lee, AG Maier, D Richard, M Rug, ...
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 186 (2), 95-116, 2012
Characterisation of the Plasmodium falciparum Hsp70–Hsp90 organising protein (PfHop)
GW Gitau, P Mandal, GL Blatch, J Przyborski, A Shonhai
Cell Stress and Chaperones 17, 191-202, 2012
Export of malaria proteins requires co-translational processing of the PEXEL motif independent of phosphatidylinositol-3-phosphate binding
JA Boddey, MT O’Neill, S Lopaticki, TG Carvalho, AN Hodder, T Nebl, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 10470, 2016
Protein Transport Across the Parasitophorous Vacuole of Plasmodium falciparum: Into the Great Wide Open
S Charpian, JM Przyborski
Traffic 9 (2), 157-165, 2008
Distribution of the SELMA translocon in secondary plastids of red algal origin and predicted uncoupling of ubiquitin-dependent translocation from degradation
S Stork, D Moog, JM Przyborski, I Wilhelmi, S Zauner, UG Maier
Eukaryotic cell 11 (12), 1472-1481, 2012
The long and winding road: protein trafficking mechanisms in the Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocyte
K Lingelbach, JM Przyborski
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 147 (1), 1-8, 2006
Plasmodium falciparum encodes a single cytosolic type I Hsp40 that functionally interacts with Hsp70 and is upregulated by heat shock
M Botha, AN Chiang, PG Needham, LL Stephens, HC Hoppe, S Külzer, ...
Cell Stress and Chaperones 16, 389-401, 2011
Two nucleus‐localized CDK‐like kinases with crucial roles for malaria parasite erythrocytic replication are involved in phosphorylation of splicing factor
S Agarwal, S Kern, J Halbert, JM Przyborski, S Baumeister, T Dandekar, ...
Journal of cellular biochemistry 112 (5), 1295-1310, 2011
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