P Garnock-Jones
P Garnock-Jones
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Flora of New Zealand, vol. 4
CJ Webb, WR Sykes, PJ Garnock-Jones
Christchurch: Botany Division, Department of Scientific and Industrial …, 1988
Evolution and biogeography of the Hebe complex (Scrophulariaceae) inferred from ITS sequences
SJ Wagstaff, PJ Garnock‐Jones
New Zealand Journal of Botany 36 (3), 425-437, 1998
Classification, origin, and diversification of the New Zealand hebes (Scrophulariaceae)
SJ Wagstaff, MJ Bayly, PJ Garnock-Jones, DC Albach
Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 38-63, 2002
Botanical names in Southern Hemisphere Veronica (Plantaginaceae): sect. Detzneria, sect. Hebe, and sect. Labiatoides
P Garnock-Jones, D Albach, BG Briggs
Taxon 56 (2), 571-582, 2007
Correlated evolution of sexual system and life-history traits in mosses
M Crawford, LK Jesson, PJ Garnock-Jones
Evolution 63 (5), 1129-1142, 2009
The role of seabirds and seals in the survival of coastal plants: lessons from New Zealand Lepidium (Brassicaceae)
DA Norton, PJ Delange, PJ Garnock-Jones, DR Given
Biodiversity & Conservation 6, 765-785, 1997
Subfamilial relationships within Caryophyllaceae as inferred from 5′ ndhF sequences
RD Smissen, JC Clement, PJ Garnock‐Jones, GK Chambers
American Journal of Botany 89 (8), 1336-1341, 2002
Is genome downsizing associated with diversification in polyploid lineages of Veronica?
HM Meudt, BM Rojas-Andrés, JM Prebble, E Low, PJ Garnock-Jones, ...
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 178 (2), 243-266, 2015
DNA sequences from three genomes reveal multiple long-distance dispersals and non-monophyly of sections in Australasian Plantago (Plantaginaceae)
ML Tay, HM Meudt, PJ Garnock-Jones, PA Ritchie
Australian Systematic Botany 23 (1), 47-68, 2010
Checklist of dicotyledons, gymnosperms, and pteridophytes naturalised or casual in New Zealand: additional records 1988–1993
CJ Webb, WR Sykes, PJ Garnock-Jones, PJ Brownsey
New Zealand journal of botany 33 (2), 151-182, 1995
Phylogeny of the hebe complex (Scrophulariaceae: Veroniceae)
PJ Garnock-Jones
Australian systematic botany 6 (5), 457-479, 1993
Breeding systems and pollination in New Zealand Parahebe (Scrophulariaceae)
PI Garnock-Jones
New Zealand journal of botany 14 (4), 291-298, 1976
Phylogenetic analysis of ITS sequences suggests a Pliocene origin for the bipolar distribution of Scleranthus (Caryophyllaceae)
RD Smissen, PJ Garnock-Jones, GK Chambers
Australian Systematic Botany 16 (3), 301-315, 2003
New World origins of southwest Pacific Gesneriaceae: multiple movements across and within the South Pacific
VL Woo, MM Funke, JF Smith, PJ Lockhart, PJ Garnock-Jones
International Journal of Plant Sciences 172 (3), 434-457, 2011
Patterns of diversification in chionohebe and parahebe (scrophulariaceae) inferred from ITS sequences
SJ Wagstaff, PJ Garnock‐Jones
New Zealand Journal of Botany 38 (3), 389-407, 2000
Phenylethanoid and iridoid glycosides in the New Zealand snow hebes (Veronica, Plantaginaceae)
RM Taskova, T Kokubun, KG Ryan, PJ Garnock-Jones, SR Jensen
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 58 (5), 703-711, 2010
Heliohebe (Scrophulariaceae-Veroniceae), a new genus segregated from Hebe
PJ Garnock-Jones
New Zealand journal of botany 31 (4), 323-339, 1993
First phylogenetic and biogeographical study of the southern bluebells (Wahlenbergia, Campanulaceae)
JM Prebble, CN Cupido, HM Meudt, PJ Garnock-Jones
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 59 (3), 636-648, 2011
Floret specialization, seed production and gender in Artemisia vulgaris L. (Asteraceae, Anthemideae)
PJ Garnock-Jones
Botanical journal of the Linnean Society 92 (4), 285-302, 1986
Scutellarein 4′-methyl ether glycosides as taxonomic markers in Teucridium and Tripora (Lamiaceae, Ajugoideae)
RJ Grayer, NC Veitch, GC Kite, AJ Paton, PJ Garnock-Jones
Phytochemistry 60 (7), 727-731, 2002
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