Sohrab Ashrafi
Sohrab Ashrafi
Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj
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Bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) of the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. Part 10. Bat fauna of Iran
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S Ashrafi, A Beck, M Rutishauser, R Arlettaz, F Bontadina
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Habitat selection of three cryptic Plecotus bat species in the European Alps reveals contrasting implications for conservation
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Modeling relationships between catchment attributes and river water quality in southern catchments of the Caspian Sea
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Heavy metal bioaccumulation in sediment, common reed, algae, and blood worm from the Shoor river, Iran
AH Hamidian, M Zareh, H Poorbagher, L Vaziri, S Ashrafi
Toxicology and Industrial Health 32 (3), 398-409, 2016
Accumulation of heavy metals and As in liver, hair, femur, and lung of Persian jird (Meriones persicus) in Darreh Zereshk copper mine, Iran
M Khazaee, AH Hamidian, A Alizadeh Shabani, S Ashrafi, SAA Mirjalili, ...
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Climate change produces winners and losers: Differential responses of amphibians in mountain forests of the Near East
A Kafash, S Ashrafi, A Ohler, M Yousefi, S Malakoutikhah, G Koehler, ...
Global Ecology and Conservation 16, e00471, 2018
Management of agricultural water consumption, drought, and supply of water for future demand
A Keshavarz, N Heydari, S Ashrafi
7th Int’l Conference on Sustainable Development and Management of Dry-lands …, 2003
Climate change is a major problem for biodiversity conservation: A systematic review of recent studies in Iran
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Multiple morphological characters needed for field identification of cryptic long‐eared bat species around the Swiss Alps
S Ashrafi, F Bontadina, A Kiefer, I Pavlinic, R Arlettaz
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A predictive spatial model for gray wolf (Canis lupus) denning sites in a human-dominated landscape in western Iran
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Effect of spiritual intelligence on quality of life and psychological well being among elderly living at nursing homes in Bandar Abbas
SN Zamani, SA Bahrainian, S Ashrafi, SH Moqtaderi
Iranian Journal of Geriatric Nursing 1 (4), 82-94, 2015
Improving rainwater productivity with supplemental irrigation in upper Karkheh river basin of Iran
AR Tavakoli, T Oweis, S Ashrafi, H Asadi, H Siadat, A Liaghat
International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA …, 2010
Citizen science data facilitate monitoring of rare large carnivores in remote montane landscapes
MS Farhadinia, RJ Moll, RA Montgomery, S Ashrafi, PJ Johnson, ...
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Study on age-related bioaccumulation of some heavy metals in the soft tissue of rock oyster (Saccostrea cucullata) from Laft Port–Qeshm Island, Iran
SS Alavian Petroody, AH Hamidian, S Ashrafi, S Eagderi, M Khazaee
Effects of landscape context on bird species abundance of tree fall gaps in a temperate deciduous forest of Northern Iran
M Gharehaghaji, AA Shabani, J Feghhi, A Danehkar, M Kaboli, S Ashrafi
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Reptile species richness associated to ecological and historical variables in Iran
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Investigating environmental factors for locating mangrove ex-situ conservation zones using GIS spatial techniques and the logistic regression algorithm in mangrove forests in Iran
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Porous barriers? Assessment of gene flow within and among sympatric long‐eared bat species
T Andriollo, S Ashrafi, R Arlettaz, M Ruedi
Ecology and evolution 8 (24), 12841-12854, 2018
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