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Brice Giffard
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Plant apparency, an overlooked driver of associational resistance to insect herbivory
B Castagneyrol, B Giffard, C Péré, H Jactel
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Genetic diversity increases insect herbivory on oak saplings
B Castagneyrol, L Lagache, B Giffard, A Kremer, H Jactel
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Dispersal capacity of Monochamus galloprovincialis, the European vector of the pine wood nematode, on flight mills
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Edge and area effects on avian assemblages and insectivory in fragmented native forests
L Barbaro, EG Brockerhoff, B Giffard, I van Halder
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Effects of soil erosion on agro-ecosystem services and soil functions: A multidisciplinary study in nineteen organically farmed European and Turkish vineyards
EAC Costantini, M Castaldini, MP Diago, B Giffard, A Lagomarsino, ...
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Strength of forest edge effects on litter‐dwelling macro‐arthropods across Europe is influenced by forest age and edge properties
P De Smedt, L Baeten, W Proesmans, S Van de Poel, J Van Keer, ...
Diversity and Distributions, 0
Tree diversity effects on leaf insect damage on pedunculate oak: The role of landscape context and forest stratum
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Energy allocation during the maturation of adults in a long-lived insect: implications for dispersal and reproduction
G David, B Giffard, I Van Halder, D Piou, H Jactel
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Bird predation enhances tree seedling resistance to insect herbivores in contrasting forest habitats
B Giffard, E Corcket, L Barbaro, H Jactel
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Carabid activity‐density increases with forest vegetation diversity at different spatial scales
S Jouveau, M Toïgo, B Giffard, B Castagneyrol, I Van Halder, F Vétillard, ...
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Linking macrodetritivore distribution to desiccation resistance in small forest fragments embedded in agricultural landscapes in Europe
P De Smedt, L Baeten, W Proesmans, MP Berg, J Brunet, SAO Cousins, ...
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Desiccation resistance determines distribution of woodlice along forest edge-to-interior gradients
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Ecology for Sustainable and Multifunctional Agriculture
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Approaches to Identify the Value of Seminatural Habitats for Conservation Biological Control
JM Holland, P Jeanneret, AC Moonen, W van der Werf, WAH Rossing, ...
Insects 11 (3), 195, 2020
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