Mani Shrestha, PhD
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Shades of red: bird‐pollinated flowers target the specific colour discrimination abilities of avian vision
M Shrestha, AG Dyer, S Boyd‐Gerny, BBM Wong, M Burd
New Phytologist 198 (1), 301-310, 2013
Flower colour and phylogeny along an altitudinal gradient in the Himalayas of Nepal
M Shrestha, AG Dyer, P Bhattarai, M Burd
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Distribution patterns of medicinal plants along an elevational gradient in central Himalaya, Nepal
MB Rokaya, Z Münzbergová, MR Shrestha, B Timsina
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Mapping species distributions with social media geo-tagged images: Case studies of bees and flowering plants in Australia
MM ElQadi, A Dorin, A Dyer, M Burd, Z Bukovac, M Shrestha
Ecological informatics 39, 23-31, 2017
Innate colour preferences of the Australian native stingless bee Tetragonula carbonaria Sm.
AG Dyer, S Boyd-Gerny, M Shrestha, K Lunau, JE Garcia, S Koethe, ...
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 202, 603-613, 2016
Pollination in a new climate: assessing the potential influence of flower temperature variation on insect pollinator behaviour
M Shrestha, JE Garcia, Z Bukovac, A Dorin, AG Dyer
PLoS One 13 (8), e0200549, 2018
Coevolutionary elaboration of pollination‐related traits in an alpine ginger (Roscoea purpurea) and a tabanid fly in the Nepalese Himalayas
BR Paudel, M Shrestha, M Burd, S Adhikari, YS Sun, QJ Li
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Floral colours in a world without birds and bees: the plants of Macquarie Island
M Shrestha, K Lunau, A Dorin, B Schulze, M Bischoff, M Burd, AG Dyer
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Why background colour matters to bees and flowers
Z Bukovac, M Shrestha, JE Garcia, M Burd, A Dorin, AG Dyer
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Flower colours through the lens: quantitative measurement with visible and ultraviolet digital photography
JE Garcia, AD Greentree, M Shrestha, A Dorin, AG Dyer
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Fluorescent pan traps affect the capture rate of insect orders in different ways
M Shrestha, JE Garcia, JHJ Chua, SR Howard, T Tscheulin, A Dorin, ...
Insects 10 (2), 40, 2019
Distinctive convergence in Australian floral colours seen through the eyes of Australian birds
M Burd, CT Stayton, M Shrestha, AG Dyer
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Z Bukovac, A Dorin, V Finke, M Shrestha, J Garcia, A Avargues-Weber, ...
Evolutionary Ecology 31, 153-172, 2017
Out of Africa: evidence of the obligate mutualism between long corolla tubed plant and long‐tongued fly in the Himalayas
BR Paudel, M Shrestha, AG Dyer, XF Zhu, A Abdusalam, QJ Li
Ecology and Evolution 5 (22), 5240-5251, 2015
Seeing in colour: a hundred years of studies on bee vision since the work of the Nobel laureate Karl von Frisch
AG Dyer, JE Garcia, M Shrestha, K Lunau
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 127 (1), 66-72, 2015
Rewardlessness in orchids: how frequent and how rewardless?
M Shrestha, AG Dyer, A Dorin, ZX Ren, M Burd
Plant Biology, doi:10.1111/plb.13113, 2020
Honeybees prefer novel insect-pollinated flower shapes over bird-pollinated flower shapes
SR Howard, M Shrestha, J Schramme, JE Garcia, A Avarguès-Weber, ...
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Floral colour structure in two Australian herbaceous communities: it depends on who is looking
M Shrestha, AG Dyer, JE Garcia, M Burd
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Colour evolution within orchids depends on whether the pollinator is a bee or a fly
M Shrestha, M Burd, JE Garcia, A Dorin, AG Dyer
Plant Biology 21 (4), 745-752, 2019
Reproductive isolation in alpine gingers: How do coexisting Roscoea (R. purpurea and R. tumjensis) conserve species integrity?
BR Paudel, M Burd, M Shrestha, AG Dyer, QJ Li
Evolution 72 (9), 1840-1850, 2018
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