Andreas Sumper
Andreas Sumper
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A review of energy storage technologies for wind power applications
F Díaz-González, A Sumper, O Gomis-Bellmunt, R Villafáfila-Robles
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 16 (4), 2154-2171, 2012
Participation of wind power plants in system frequency control: Review of grid code requirements and control methods
F Díaz-González, M Hau, A Sumper, O Gomis-Bellmunt
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Experimental validation of a real time energy management system for microgrids in islanded mode using a local day-ahead electricity market and MINLP
M Marzband, A Sumper, JL Domínguez-García, R Gumara-Ferret
Energy Conversion and Management 76, 314-322, 2013
Real time experimental implementation of optimum energy management system in standalone microgrid by using multi-layer ant colony optimization
M Marzband, E Yousefnejad, A Sumper, JL Domínguez-García
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 75, 265-274, 2016
Experimental validation of a real-time energy management system using multi-period gravitational search algorithm for microgrids in islanded mode
M Marzband, M Ghadimi, A Sumper, JL Domínguez-García
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Ride-through control of a doubly fed induction generator under unbalanced voltage sags
O Gomis-Bellmunt, A Junyent-Ferre, A Sumper, J Bergas-Jane
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 23 (4), 1036-1045, 2008
Local flexibility market design for aggregators providing multiple flexibility services at distribution network level
P Olivella-Rosell, P Lloret-Gallego, Í Munné-Collado, R Villafafila-Robles, ...
Energies 11 (4), 822, 2018
Optimization problem for meeting distribution system operator requests in local flexibility markets with distributed energy resources
P Olivella-Rosell, E Bullich-Massagué, M Aragüés-Peñalba, A Sumper, ...
Applied energy 210, 881-895, 2018
Experimental evaluation of a real time energy management system for stand-alone microgrids in day-ahead markets
M Marzband, A Sumper, A Ruiz-Alvarez, JL Domínguez-García, ...
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Microgrid clustering architectures
E Bullich-Massagué, F Díaz-González, M Aragüés-Peñalba, ...
Applied energy 212, 340-361, 2018
Power oscillation damping supported by wind power: A review
JL Domínguez-García, O Gomis-Bellmunt, FD Bianchi, A Sumper
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Energy storage in power systems
F Díaz-González, A Sumper, O Gomis-Bellmunt
John Wiley & Sons, 2016
Pareto optimal reconfiguration of power distribution systems using a genetic algorithm based on NSGA-II
B Tomoiagă, M Chindriş, A Sumper, A Sudria-Andreu, R Villafafila-Robles
Energies 6 (3), 1439-1455, 2013
Energy management of flywheel-based energy storage device for wind power smoothing
F Díaz-González, A Sumper, O Gomis-Bellmunt, FD Bianchi
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Control of a flywheel energy storage system for power smoothing in wind power plants
F Diaz-Gonzalez, FD Bianchi, A Sumper, O Gomis-Bellmunt
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Optimum voltage control for loss minimization in HVDC multi-terminal transmission systems for large offshore wind farms
M Aragüés-Peñalba, A Egea-Àlvarez, O Gomis-Bellmunt, A Sumper
Electric power systems research 89, 54-63, 2012
Life-cycle assessment of a photovoltaic system in Catalonia (Spain)
A Sumper, M Robledo-García, R Villafáfila-Robles, J Bergas-Jané, ...
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 15 (8), 3888-3896, 2011
Modeling and control of the doubly fed induction generator wind turbine
A Junyent-Ferré, O Gomis-Bellmunt, A Sumper, M Sala, M Mata
Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory 18 (9), 1365-1381, 2010
A distance PLC programming course employing a remote laboratory based on a flexible manufacturing cell
OG Bellmunt, DM Miracle, SG Arellano, A Sumper, AS Andreu
IEEE Transactions on Education 49 (2), 278-284, 2006
Electrical energy efficiency: technologies and applications
A Sumper, A Baggini
John Wiley & Sons, 2012
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