Julie M. Collet
Julie M. Collet
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MHC heterozygosity and survival in red junglefowl
K Worley, J Collet, LG Spurgin, T Pizzari, DS Richardson
Molecular Ecology 19 (15), 3064-3075, 2010
Sexual selection and the differential effect of polyandry
J Collet, DS Richardson, K Worley, T Pizzari
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The measure and significance of Bateman's principles
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Pleiotropic mutations are subject to strong stabilizing selection
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Do traits separated by metamorphosis evolve independently? Concepts and methods
J Collet, S Fellous
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Mutational pleiotropy and the strength of stabilizing selection within and between functional modules of gene expression
JM Collet, K McGuigan, SL Allen, SF Chenoweth, MW Blows
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Female mate choice predicts paternity success in the absence of additive genetic variance for other female paternity bias mechanisms in Drosophila serrata
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Transcriptome-wide effects of sexual selection on the fate of new mutations
JM Collet, MW Blows, K McGuigan
Evolution 69 (11), 2905-2916, 2015
The operation of sexual selection in the red junglefowl
J Collet, J Collet
Oxford University, UK, 2010
Genetic independence between traits separated by metamorphosis is widespread but varies with biological function
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Proceedings of the Royal Society B 290 (2010), 20231784, 2023
High-throughput phenotyping to characterise range use behaviour in broiler chickens
JM Collet, C Bonnefous, K Germain, L Ravon, L Calandreau, V Guesdon, ...
animal, 101099, 2024
Principal characteristics of suitable broiler genotypes adapted to outdoor system
C Bonnefous, S Mattioli, B Méda, T de Rauglaudre, K Germain, L Ravon, ...
PPILOW autumn school-How to improve welfare in poultry and pig low input …, 2023
How does broiler range use impact forage intake, outdoor excretion and gaseous emissions?
C Bonnefous, B Méda, K Germain, L Ravon, T de Rauglaudre, J Collet, ...
Mating traits are phenotypically but not genetically correlated to fitness
JM Collet, JL Sztepanacz
Behavioral Ecology 33 (4), 833-843, 2022
No support for intra-nor inter-locus sexual conflict over mating latency and copulation duration in a polyandrous fruit fly
JM Collet, JL Sztepanacz
bioRxiv, 2020.10. 18.344390, 2020
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