M. J. I. Shohag
M. J. I. Shohag
University of Florida/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center
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Citované v
Biofortification and bioavailability of rice grain zinc as affected by different forms of foliar zinc fertilization
Y Wei, MJI Shohag, X Yang
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e45428, 2012
Complexation with dissolved organic matter and mobility control of heavy metals in the rhizosphere of hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii
T Li, Q Tao, C Liang, MJI Shohag, X Yang, DL Sparks
Environmental Pollution 182, 248-255, 2013
Root cell wall polysaccharides are involved in cadmium hyperaccumulation in Sedum alfredii
T Li, Q Tao, MJI Shohag, X Yang, DL Sparks, Y Liang
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J Zhang, M Zhang, S Tian, L Lu, MJI Shohag, X Yang
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Y Wei, MJI Shohag, Y Wang, L Lu, C Wu, X Yang
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Natural variation of folate content and composition in spinach (Spinacia oleracea) germplasm
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Sorption of sulphamethoxazole by the biochars derived from rice straw and alligator flag
T Li, X Han, C Liang, MJI Shohag, X Yang
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Comparative evaluation of in vivo relative bioavailability and in vitro bioaccessibility of arsenic in leafy vegetables and its implication in human exposure assessment
X Zheng, Z Zhang, J Chen, H Liang, X Chen, Y Qin, MJI Shohag, Y Wei, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 423, 126909, 2022
Lead tolerance and cellular distribution in Elsholtzia splendens using synchrotron radiation micro-X-ray fluorescence
J Zhang, S Tian, L Lu, MJI Shohag, H Liao, X Yang
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Foliar application of zinc and selenium alleviates cadmium and lead toxicity of water spinach–Bioavailability/cytotoxicity study with human cell lines
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Role of sulfur assimilation pathway in cadmium hyperaccumulation by Sedum alfredii Hance
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Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 100, 159-165, 2014
Endophytic inoculation coupled with soil amendment and foliar inhibitor ensure phytoremediation and argo-production in cadmium contaminated soil under oilseed rape-rice …
L Tang, Y Hamid, A Zehra, MJI Shohag, Z He, X Yang
Science of the Total Environment 748, 142481, 2020
Characterization of 68Zn uptake, translocation, and accumulation into developing grains and young leaves of high Zn-density rice genotype
C Wu, Y Feng, MJI Shohag, L Lu, Y Wei, C Gao, X Yang
Journal of Zhejiang University Science B 12, 408-418, 2011
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