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Petr Jeřábek
IPSG Faculty of Science Charles University
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Citované v
Microstructural-deformation record of an orogen-parallel extension in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
P Jeřábek, H Stünitz, R Heilbronner, O Lexa, K Schulmann
Journal of Structural Geology 29 (11), 1722-1743, 2007
Determination of field-independent and field-dependent components of anisotropy of susceptibility through standard AMS measurement in variable low fields II: An example from …
F Hrouda, SW Faryad, M Chlupáčová, P Jeřábek, Z Kratinová
Tectonophysics 466 (1-2), 123-134, 2009
Behaviour of geochronometers and timing of metamorphic reactions during deformation at lower crustal conditions: phase equilibrium modelling and U–Pb dating of zircon, monazite …
D Gasser, P Jeřábek, C Faber, H Stünitz, L Menegon, F Corfu, M Erambert, ...
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 33 (5), 513-534, 2015
Alpine burial and heterogeneous exhumation of Variscan crust in the West Carpathians: insight from thermodynamic and argon diffusion modelling
P Jeřábek, WS Faryad, K Schulmann, O Lexa, L TAJčMANOV
Journal of the Geological Society 165 (2), 479-498, 2008
Inverse ductile thinning via lower crustal flow and fold‐induced doming in the West Carpathian Eo‐Alpine collisional wedge
P Jeřábek, O Lexa, K Schulmann, D Plašienka
Tectonics 31 (5), 2012
Early Carboniferous blueschist facies metamorphism in metapelites of the West Sudetes (northern Saxothuringian Domain, Bohemian Massif)
E Žáčková, J Konopásek, P Jeřábek, F Finger, J Košler
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 28 (4), 361-379, 2010
Polymetamorphic evolution of pelitic schists and evidence for Permian low‐pressure metamorphism in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
P Jeřábek, M Janák, SW Faryad, F Finger, P Konečný
Journal of metamorphic Geology 26 (4), 465-485, 2008
Geochemical character and petrogenesis of Pan-African Amspoort Suite of the Boundary igneous complex in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
V Janoušek, J Konopásek, S Ulrich, V Erban, L Tajčmanová, P Jeřábek
Gondwana Research 18 (4), 688-707, 2010
Mid-Cimmerian, Early Alpine and Late Cenozoic orogenic events in the Shotur Kuh metamorphic complex, Great Kavir block, NE Iran
M Rahmati-Ilkhchi, P Jeřábek, SW Faryad, HA Koyi
Tectonophysics 494 (1-2), 101-117, 2010
High‐temperature fracturing and subsequent grain‐size‐sensitive creep in lower crustal gabbros: Evidence for coseismic loading followed by creep during decaying stress in the …
T Okudaira, P Jeřábek, H Stünitz, F Fusseis
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 120 (5), 3119-3141, 2015
Metamorphic inheritance of Rheic passive margin evolution and its early‐Variscan overprint in the Teplá‐Barrandian Unit, Bohemian Massif
V Peřestý, O Lexa, R Holder, P Jeřábek, M Racek, P Štípská, ...
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 35 (3), 327-355, 2017
Primary magnetic fabric in an ultramafic body (Moldanubian Zone, European Variscides) survives exhumation-related granulite-amphibolite facies metamorphism
F Hrouda, SW Faryad, P Jeřábek, M Chlupáčová, P Vitouš
Lithos 111 (1-2), 95-111, 2009
Geochronological evidence for the Alpine tectono-thermal evolution of the Veporic Unit (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
R Vojtko, S Králiková, P Jeřábek, R Schuster, M Danišík, B Fügenschuh, ...
Tectonophysics 666, 48-65, 2016
Detrital zircon populations in quartzites of the Krkonoše–Jizera Massif: implications for pre-collisional history of the Saxothuringian Domain in the Bohemian Massif
E Žáčková, J Konopásek, J Košler, P Jeřábek
Geological Magazine 149 (3), 443-458, 2012
Two-stage exhumation of subducted Saxothuringian continental crust records underplating in the subduction channel and collisional forced folding (Krkonoše-Jizera Mts., Bohemian …
P Jeřábek, J Konopásek, E Žáčková
Journal of Structural Geology 89, 214-229, 2016
Major softening at brittle‐ductile transition due to interplay between chemical and deformation processes: An insight from evolution of shear bands in the South Armorican Shear …
Z Bukovská, P Jeřábek, LFG Morales
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 121 (2), 1158-1182, 2016
Transposition of structures in the Neoproterozoic Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia) and their absolute timing
S Ulrich, J Konopásek, P Jeřábek, L Tajčmanová
International Journal of Earth Sciences 100 (2-3), 415-429, 2011
Kinematically unrelated C—S fabrics: an Lexample of extensional shear band cleavage from the Veporic Unit (Western Carpathians)
Z Bukovská, P Jeřábek, O Lexa, J Konopásek, M Janák, J Košler
Geologica Carpathica 64 (2), 103-116, 2013
Role of strain localization and melt flow on exhumation of deeply subducted continental crust
P Závada, K Schulmann, M Racek, P Hasalová, P Jeřábek, RF Weinberg, ...
Lithosphere 10 (2), 217-238, 2018
Microstructure and texture evolution during growth of magnesio-aluminate spinel at corundum–periclase interfaces under uniaxial load: The effect of stress concentration on …
P Jeřábek, R Abart, E Rybacki, G Habler
American Journal of Science 314 (5), 940-965, 2014
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