Viktor Nilsson-Örtman
Viktor Nilsson-Örtman
Researcher, Aquatic Ecology, Lund University
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Citované v
Generalists and specialists along a latitudinal transect: patterns of thermal adaptation in six species of damselflies
V Nilsson-Örtman, R Stoks, M De Block, F Johansson
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Susceptibility to a metal under global warming is shaped by thermal adaptation along a latitudinal gradient
K Dinh Van, L Janssens, S Debecker, M De Jonge, P Lambret, ...
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Rapid evolution of larval life history, adult immune function and flight muscles in a poleward‐moving damselfly
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S Śniegula, F Johansson, V Nilsson‐Örtman
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Temperate insects with narrow seasonal activity periods can be as vulnerable to climate change as tropical insect species
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Antagonistic natural and sexual selection on wing shape in a scrambling damselfly
D Outomuro, L Söderquist, V Nilsson-Örtman, M Cortázar-Chinarro, ...
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Large‐scale patterns in genetic variation, gene flow and differentiation in five species of European Coenagrionid damselfly provide mixed support for the central‐marginal …
H Johansson, R Stoks, V Nilsson‐Örtman, PK Ingvarsson, F Johansson
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Using taxonomic revision data to estimate the global species richness and characteristics of undescribed species of diving beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae)
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Biodiversity Informatics 7 (1), 2010
The rate of seasonal changes in temperature alters acclimation of performance under climate change
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The American Naturalist 190 (6), 743-761, 2017
The evolution of developmental thresholds and reaction norms for age and size at maturity
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 (7), e2017185118, 2021
Predation and the relative importance of larval colour polymorphisms and colour polyphenism in a damselfly
F Johansson, V Nilsson-Örtman
Evolutionary Ecology 27, 579-591, 2013
Density-dependent offspring interactions do not explain macroevolutionary scaling of adult size and offspring size
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Impact of global warming on insects: are tropical species more vulnerable than temperate species?
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Bidrag till kännedomen om den till asp och björk knutna insektsfaunan i Västerbottens län
A Garpebring, V Nilsson-Örtman
Skörvnöpparn 2, 1-16, 2010
Stjärtflugor (Diptera: Lonchaeidae) i Europa och första fyndet för Norden av den ovanliga arten Earomyia netherlandica
V Nilsson-Örtman
Entomologisk Tidskrift 134, 197-201, 2013
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