Teresa Coutinho
Teresa Coutinho
Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Pretoria
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Citované v
Citované v
Combined multiple gene genealogies and phenotypic characters differentiate several species previously identified as Botryosphaeria dothidea
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Roles of plant volatiles in defence against microbial pathogens and microbial exploitation of volatiles
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Lasiodiplodia gonubiensis sp. nov., a new Botryosphaeria anamorph from native Syzygium cordatum in South Africa
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Differentiation of Fusarium subglutinansf. sp. pini by Histone Gene Sequence Data
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Phylogenetic and morphological re-evaluation of the Botryosphaeria species causing diseases of Mangifera indica
B Slippers, GI Johnson, PW Crous, TA Coutinho, BD Wingfield, ...
Mycologia 97 (1), 99-110, 2005
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