Juan Olvido Perea Garcia
Juan Olvido Perea Garcia
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Influence of environmental variables on fear of crime: Comparing self-report data with physiological measures in an experimental design
FJ Castro-Toledo, JO Perea-García, R Bautista-Ortuño, P Mitkidis
Journal of Experimental Criminology 13, 537-545, 2017
Scleral pigmentation leads to conspicuous, not cryptic, eye morphology in chimpanzees
JO Perea-García, ME Kret, A Monteiro, C Hobaiter
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (39), 19248-19250, 2019
Bodily constraints contributing to multimodal referentiality in humans: The contribution of a de-pigmented sclera to proto-declaratives
JOP García, KR Ehlers, K Tylén
Language & Communication 54, 73-81, 2017
Quantifying ocular morphologies in extant primates for reliable interspecific comparisons
JO Perea García
Journal of Language Evolution 1 (2), 151-158, 2016
Diversity in Primate External Eye Morphology: Previously Undescribed Traits and Their Potential Adaptive Value
JO Perea-García, DP Danel, A Monteiro
Symmetry, 2021
Not everything is blue or brown: Quantification of ocular coloration in psychological research beyond dichotomous categorizations
JO Perea García, T Grenzner, G Hešková, P Mitkidis
Communicative & Integrative Biology 10 (1), e1264545, 2017
Humans do not perceive conspecifics with a greater exposed sclera as more trustworthy: a preliminary cross-ethnic study of the function of the overexposed human sclera
DP Danel, S Wacewicz, Z Lewandowski, P Żywiczyński, JO Perea-Garcia
acta ethologica 21, 203-208, 2018
Sex differences in ocular morphology in Caucasian people: a dubious role of sexual selection in the evolution of sexual dimorphism of the human eye
PD Danel, S Wacewicz, K Kleisner, Z Lewandowski, ME Kret, Z P, ...
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 74 (10), 2020
Ecological factors are likely drivers of eye shape and colour pattern variations across anthropoid primates
JO Perea-García, K Ramarajan, ME Kret, C Hobaiter, A Monteiro
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 17240, 2022
Orangulas: effect of scheduled visual enrichment on behavioral and endocrine aspects of a captive orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus)
JOP Garcia, A Miani, J Malmkvist, T Hammer, C Pertoldi, RK Nielsen, ...
Journal of Zoo and aquarium research 8 (1), 2020
The adaptive significance of human scleral brightness: an experimental study
S Wacewicz, JO Perea-García, Z Lewandowski, DP Danel
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 20261, 2022
Exploring immersive technologies to simulate fear of crime
FJ Castro-Toledo, K Koumaditis, P Mitkidis, JO Perea-Garcia
Proceedings of the 25th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and …, 2019
Comunicaciones Orales.-A Brief Introduction of New Methods to Investigate the Mismatch between indicators of “Fear of Crime” Over Time
FJ Castro Toledo, JO Perea García, S Wallot, P Mitkidis
II Jornadas Doctorales de la Universidad de Murcia, 2020
" May I offend you?" An experimental study on perceived offensiveness in online violent communication and hate speech
R Bautista-Ortuño, FJ Castro-Toledo, JO Perea-García, ...
International E-Journal of Criminal Sciences, 2018
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