Michael Andersen Lomholt
Citované v
Citované v
Lévy strategies in intermittent search processes are advantageous
MA Lomholt, K Tal, R Metzler, K Joseph
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (32), 11055-11059, 2008
Optimal target search on a fast-folding polymer chain with volume exchange
MA Lomholt, T Ambjörnsson, R Metzler
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How DNA coiling enhances target localization by proteins
B van den Broek, MA Lomholt, SMJ Kalisch, R Metzler, GJL Wuite
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Facilitated diffusion with DNA coiling
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Foundation of fractional Langevin equation: harmonization of a many-body problem
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Leapover lengths and first passage time statistics for Lévy flights
T Koren, MA Lomholt, AV Chechkin, J Klafter, R Metzler
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Subdiffusion and weak ergodicity breaking in the presence of a reactive boundary
MA Lomholt, IM Zaid, R Metzler
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Objective comparison of methods to decode anomalous diffusion
G Muñoz-Gil, G Volpe, MA Garcia-March, E Aghion, A Argun, CB Hong, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 6253, 2021
Bayesian analysis of single-particle tracking data using the nested-sampling algorithm: maximum-likelihood model selection applied to stochastic-diffusivity data
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A Taloni, MA Lomholt
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VV Palyulin, G Blackburn, MA Lomholt, NW Watkins, R Metzler, R Klages, ...
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Bulk-mediated diffusion on a planar surface: full solution
AV Chechkin, IM Zaid, MA Lomholt, IM Sokolov, R Metzler
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Microscopic origin of the logarithmic time evolution of aging processes in complex systems
MA Lomholt, L Lizana, R Metzler, T Ambjörnsson
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How subdiffusion changes the kinetics of binding to a surface
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Quantitative fluorescence loss in photobleaching for analysis of protein transport and aggregation
D Wüstner, LM Solanko, FW Lund, D Sage, HJ Schroll, MA Lomholt
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Real sequence effects on the search dynamics of transcription factors on DNA
M Bauer, ES Rasmussen, MA Lomholt, R Metzler
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Dynamics of shape fluctuations of quasi-spherical vesicles revisited
L Miao, MA Lomholt, J Kleis
The European Physical Journal E 9, 143-160, 2002
Directed motion emerging from two coupled random processes: translocation of a chain through a membrane nanopore driven by binding proteins
T Ambjörnsson, MA Lomholt, R Metzler
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Bulk-mediated surface diffusion along a cylinder: Propagators and crossovers
AV Chechkin, IM Zaid, MA Lomholt, IM Sokolov, R Metzler
Physical Review E 79 (4), 040105, 2009
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