Bas van Steensel
Bas van Steensel
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Easy quantitative assessment of genome editing by sequence trace decomposition
EK Brinkman, T Chen, M Amendola, B Van Steensel
Nucleic acids research 42 (22), e168-e168, 2014
TRF2 protects human telomeres from end-to-end fusions
B Van Steensel, A Smogorzewska, T De Lange
Cell 92 (3), 401-413, 1998
Domain organization of human chromosomes revealed by mapping of nuclear lamina interactions
L Guelen, L Pagie, E Brasset, W Meuleman, MB Faza, W Talhout, ...
Nature 453 (7197), 948-951, 2008
Nuclear organization of active and inactive chromatin domains uncovered by chromosome conformation capture–on-chip (4C)
M Simonis, P Klous, E Splinter, Y Moshkin, R Willemsen, E De Wit, ...
Nature genetics 38 (11), 1348-1354, 2006
Control of telomere length by the human telomeric protein TRF1
B Van Steensel, T De Lange
Nature 385 (6618), 740-743, 1997
Systematic protein location mapping reveals five principal chromatin types in Drosophila cells
GJ Filion, JG van Bemmel, U Braunschweig, W Talhout, J Kind, LD Ward, ...
Cell 143 (2), 212-224, 2010
Molecular maps of the reorganization of genome-nuclear lamina interactions during differentiation
D Peric-Hupkes, W Meuleman, L Pagie, SWM Bruggeman, I Solovei, ...
Molecular cell 38 (4), 603-613, 2010
Control of human telomere length by TRF1 and TRF2
A Smogorzewska, B van Steensel, A Bianchi, S Oelmann, MR Schaefer, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 20 (5), 1659-1668, 2000
A human telomeric protein
L Chong, B Van Steensel, D Broccoli, H Erdjument-Bromage, J Hanish, ...
Science 270 (5242), 1663-1667, 1995
Lamina-associated domains: links with chromosome architecture, heterochromatin, and gene repression
B Van Steensel, AS Belmont
Cell 169 (5), 780-791, 2017
Genome architecture: domain organization of interphase chromosomes
WA Bickmore, B Van Steensel
Cell 152 (6), 1270-1284, 2013
Single-cell dynamics of genome-nuclear lamina interactions
J Kind, L Pagie, H Ortabozkoyun, S Boyle, SS De Vries, H Janssen, ...
Cell 153 (1), 178-192, 2013
Identification of in vivo DNA targets of chromatin proteins using tethered dam methyltransferase
B Steensel, S Henikoff
Nature biotechnology 18 (4), 424-428, 2000
The cohesin release factor WAPL restricts chromatin loop extension
JHI Haarhuis, RH van der Weide, VA Blomen, JO Yáñez-Cuna, ...
Cell 169 (4), 693-707. e14, 2017
Fluorescent labeling of nascent RNA reveals transcription by RNA polymerase II in domains scattered throughout the nucleus
DG Wansink, W Schul, I Van Der Kraan, B Van Steensel, R Van Driel, ...
The Journal of cell biology 122 (2), 283-293, 1993
Characterization of the Drosophila melanogaster genome at the nuclear lamina
H Pickersgill, B Kalverda, E De Wit, W Talhout, M Fornerod, ...
Nature genetics 38 (9), 1005-1014, 2006
Genome-wide maps of nuclear lamina interactions in single human cells
J Kind, L Pagie, SS de Vries, L Nahidiazar, SS Dey, M Bienko, Y Zhan, ...
Cell 163 (1), 134-147, 2015
Constitutive nuclear lamina–genome interactions are highly conserved and associated with A/T-rich sequence
W Meuleman, D Peric-Hupkes, J Kind, JB Beaudry, L Pagie, M Kellis, ...
Genome research 23 (2), 270-280, 2013
Genomic binding by the Drosophila Myc, Max, Mad/Mnt transcription factor network
A Orian, B Van Steensel, J Delrow, HJ Bussemaker, L Li, T Sawado, ...
Genes & development 17 (9), 1101-1114, 2003
Genome-wide profiling of PRC1 and PRC2 Polycomb chromatin binding in Drosophila melanogaster
B Tolhuis, I Muijrers, E de Wit, H Teunissen, W Talhout, B van Steensel, ...
Nature genetics 38 (6), 694-699, 2006
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