Annette Van Oystaeyen
Annette Van Oystaeyen
Researcher, Biobest Belgium
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Conserved class of queen pheromones stops social insect workers from reproducing
A Van Oystaeyen, RC Oliveira, L Holman, JS van Zweden, C Romero, ...
Science 343 (6168), 287-290, 2014
The origin and evolution of social insect queen pheromones: novel hypotheses and outstanding problems
CA Oi, JS van Zweden, RC Oliveira, A Van Oystaeyen, FS Nascimento, ...
BioEssays 37 (7), 808-821, 2015
Seasonal changes in parasite load and a cellular immune response in a colour polymorphic lizard
K Huyghe, A Van Oystaeyen, F Pasmans, Z Tadić, B Vanhooydonck, ...
Oecologia 163, 867-874, 2010
Dual effect of wasp queen pheromone in regulating insect sociality
CA Oi, A Van Oystaeyen, RC Oliveira, JG Millar, KJ Verstrepen, ...
Current Biology 25 (12), 1638-1640, 2015
The impact of yeast presence in nectar on bumble bee behavior and fitness
MI Pozo, G Van Kemenade, A Van Oystaeyen, T Aledón‐Catalá, ...
Ecological Monographs 90 (1), e01393, 2020
No evidence of enemy release in pathogen and microbial communities of common wasps (Vespula vulgaris) in their native and introduced range
PJ Lester, PJ Bosch, MAM Gruber, EA Kapp, L Peng, EC Brenton-Rule, ...
PLoS One 10 (3), e0121358, 2015
Unusual modes of reproduction in social insects: shedding light on the evolutionary paradox of sex
T Wenseleers, A Van Oystaeyen
BioEssays 33 (12), 927-937, 2011
Determining the origin of invasions and demonstrating a lack of enemy release from microsporidian pathogens in common wasps (Vespula vulgaris)
PJ Lester, MAM Gruber, EC Brenton‐Rule, M Archer, JC Corley, L Dvořák, ...
Diversity and Distributions 20 (8), 964-974, 2014
Sneaky queens in Melipona bees selectively detect and infiltrate queenless colonies
A Van Oystaeyen, DA Alves, RC Oliveira, DL do Nascimento, ...
Animal Behaviour 86 (3), 603-609, 2013
Surviving in the absence of flowers: do nectar yeasts rely on overwintering bumblebee queens to complete their annual life cycle?
MI Pozo, J Bartlewicz, A Van Oystaeyen, A Benavente, G Van Kemenade, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 94 (12), fiy196, 2018
Effect of oral administration of lactic acid bacteria on colony performance and gut microbiota in indoor-reared bumblebees (Bombus terrestris)
A Billiet, I Meeus, M Cnockaert, P Vandamme, A Van Oystaeyen, ...
Apidologie 48, 41-50, 2017
Short-term lab assessments and microcolonies are insufficient for the risk assessment of insecticides for bees
A Van Oystaeyen, BK Klatt, C Petit, N Lenaerts, F Wäckers
Chemosphere 273, 128518, 2021
Dual purpose: Predatory hoverflies pollinate strawberry crops and protect them against the strawberry aphid, Chaetospihon fragaefolii
A Van Oystaeyen, E Tuyttens, S Boonen, L De Smedt, S Bellinkx, ...
Pest Management Science 78 (7), 3051-3060, 2022
Conserved queen pheromones in bumblebees: a reply to Amsalem et al.
L Holman, JS van Zweden, RC Oliveira, A Van Oystaeyen, T Wenseleers
PeerJ 5, e3332, 2017
Eusocial insect declines: insecticide impairs sperm and feeding glands in bumblebees
A Minnameyer, V Strobl, S Bruckner, DW Camenzind, A Van Oystaeyen, ...
Science of the total environment 785, 146955, 2021
Cross-activity of honeybee queen mandibular pheromone in bumblebees provides evidence for sensory exploitation
SA Princen, A Van Oystaeyen, C Petit, JS van Zweden, T Wenseleers
Behavioral Ecology 31 (2), 303-310, 2020
Effective pollination of greenhouse Galia musk melon (Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus ser.) by afrotropical stingless bee species
N Kiatoko, MI Pozo, A Van Oystaeyen, F van Langevelde, F Wäckers, ...
Journal of Apicultural Research 61 (5), 664-674, 2022
Chemical Strategies of the Beetle Metoecus Paradoxus, Social Parasite of the Wasp Vespula Vulgaris
A Van Oystaeyen, JS van Zweden, H Huyghe, F Drijfhout, W Bonckaert, ...
Journal of chemical ecology 41, 1137-1147, 2015
Buffered fitness components: Antagonism between malnutrition and an insecticide in bumble bees
L Straub, V Strobl, S Bruckner, DW Camenzind, A Van Oystaeyen, ...
Science of the total environment 833, 155098, 2022
Worker dominance and reproduction in the bumblebee Bombus terrestris: when does it pay to bare one's mandibles?
SA Princen, A Van Oystaeyen, JS van Zweden, T Wenseleers
Animal Behaviour 166, 41-50, 2020
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