Laszlo Szabados
Laszlo Szabados
Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Centre
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Citované v
Proline: a multifunctional amino acid
L Szabados, A Savouré
Trends in plant science 15 (2), 89-97, 2010
Differential expression of two P5CS genes controlling proline accumulation during salt‐stress requires ABA and is regulated by ABA1, ABI1 and AXR2 in Arabidopsis
N Strizhov, E Ábrahám, L Ökrész, S Blickling, A Zilberstein, J Schell, ...
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Proline metabolism and transport in plant development
S Lehmann, D Funck, L Szabados, D Rentsch
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Methods for determination of proline in plants
E Ábrahám, C Hourton-Cabassa, L Erdei, L Szabados
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Plant glutathione peroxidases: emerging role of the antioxidant enzymes in plant development and stress responses
K Bela, E Horváth, Á Gallé, L Szabados, I Tari, J Csiszár
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Proline Accumulation and AtP5CS2 Gene Activation Are Induced by Plant-Pathogen Incompatible Interactions in Arabidopsis
G Fabro, I Kovács, V Pavet, L Szabados, ME Alvarez
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The impact of the absence of aliphatic glucosinolates on insect herbivory in Arabidopsis
J Beekwilder, W van Leeuwen, NM van Dam, M Bertossi, V Grandi, ...
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Arabidopsis PPP family of serine/threonine phosphatases
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RP Bhalerao, K Salchert, L Bakó, L Ökrész, L Szabados, T Muranaka, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 96 (9), 5322-5327, 1999
The heat shock factor A4A confers salt tolerance and is regulated by oxidative stress and the mitogen-activated protein kinases MPK3 and MPK6
I Pérez-Salamó, C Papdi, G Rigó, L Zsigmond, B Vilela, V Lumbreras, ...
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Specialized vectors for gene tagging and expression studies
C Koncz, N Martini, L Szabados, M Hrouda, A Bachmair, J Schell
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The low oxygen, oxidative and osmotic stress responses synergistically act through the ethylene response factor VII genes RAP2.12, RAP2.2 and RAP2.3
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Distribution of 1000 sequenced T‐DNA tags in the Arabidopsis genome
L Szabados, I Kovács, A Oberschall, E Abrahám, I Kerekes, L Zsigmond, ...
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Arabidopsis PPR40 connects abiotic stress responses to mitochondrial electron transport
L Zsigmond, G Rigó, A Szarka, G Székely, K Ötvös, Z Darula, ...
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Functional identification of Arabidopsis stress regulatory genes using the controlled cDNA overexpression system
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Gene identification with sequenced T‐DNA tags generated by transformation of Arabidopsis cell suspension
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In vitro somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of cassava
L Szabados, R Hoyos, W Roca
Plant Cell Reports 6, 248-251, 1987
Proline metabolism as regulatory hub
ME Alvarez, A Savouré, L Szabados
Trends in Plant Science 27 (1), 39-55, 2022
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