Amit Ranjan Maity
Amit Ranjan Maity
Associate Professor, Amity University, Kolkata
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Citované v
Carbon nanoparticle-based fluorescent bioimaging probes
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HCKK Hiroaki Kinoh, Sabina Quader, Hitoshi Shibasaki, Xueying Liu, Amit ...
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Synthesis of nanobioconjugates with a controlled average number of biomolecules between 1 and 100 per nanoparticle and observation of multivalency dependent interaction with …
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Glucose/galactose/dextran-functionalized quantum dots, iron oxide and doped semiconductor nanoparticles with< 100 nm hydrodynamic diameter
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Nuclear and perinuclear targeting efficiency of quantum dots depends on density of peptidic targeting residues on their surface
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SM Roy, V Garg, S Barman, C Ghosh, AR Maity, SK Ghosh
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 9, 785937, 2021
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