Nathaniel Helwig
Nathaniel Helwig
Associate Professor of Psychology and Statistics, University of Minnesota
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Citované v
Citované v
Methods to temporally align gait cycle data
NE Helwig, S Hong, ET Hsiao-Wecksler, JD Polk
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Color, music, and emotion: Bach to the blues
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NE Helwig
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NE Helwig
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ica: Independent Component Analysis
N Helwig
multiway: Component models for multi-way data
N Helwig
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NE Helwig
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NE Helwig, P Ma
arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.05208, 2016
Estimating latent trends in multivariate longitudinal data via Parafac2 with functional and structural constraints
NE Helwig
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bigsplines: Smoothing splines for large samples
N Helwig
Connecting Continuum of Care point-in-time homeless counts to United States Census areal units
ZW Almquist, NE Helwig, Y You
Mathematical Population Studies 27 (1), 46-58, 2020
Predicting perceived disfigurement from facial function in patients with unilateral paralysis
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Plastic and reconstructive surgery 142 (5), 722e-728e, 2018
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