Andrey Pankratov
Andrey Pankratov
Institute for Physics of Microstructures of RAS
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Citované v
Suppression of timing errors in short overdamped Josephson junctions
AL Pankratov, B Spagnolo
Physical review letters 93 (17), 177001, 2004
Lifetime of metastable states and suppression of noise in interdisciplinary physical models
B Spagnolo, AA Dubkov, AL Pankratov, EV Pankratova, A Fiasconaro, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:0810.0712, 2008
Optimization of the phase-locked flux-flow oscillator for the submm integrated receiver
VP Koshelets, PN Dmitriev, AB Ermakov, AS Sobolev, MY Torgashin, ...
IEEE transactions on applied superconductivity 15 (2), 964-967, 2005
Evolution times of probability distributions and averages—exact solutions of the Kramers' problem
AN Malakhov, AL Pankratov
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Influence of thermal fluctuations on time characteristics of a single Josephson element with high damping exact solution
AN Malakhov, AL Pankratov
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Underdamped Josephson junction as a switching current detector
G Oelsner, LS Revin, E Il'Ichev, AL Pankratov, HG Meyer, L Grönberg, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (14), 2013
Resonant activation in overdamped systems with noise subjected to strong periodic driving
AL Pankratov, M Salerno
Physics Letters A 273 (3), 162-166, 2000
Soliton scattering as a measurement tool for weak signals
II Soloviev, NV Klenov, AL Pankratov, LS Revin, E Il'ichev, LS Kuzmin
Physical Review B 92 (1), 014516, 2015
Influence of surface losses and the self-pumping effect on current-voltage characteristics of a long Josephson junction
AL Pankratov, AS Sobolev, VP Koshelets, J Mygind
Physical Review B 75 (18), 184516, 2007
Photon-noise-limited cold-electron bolometer based on strong electron self-cooling for high-performance cosmology missions
LS Kuzmin, AL Pankratov, AV Gordeeva, VO Zbrozhek, VA Shamporov, ...
Communications Physics 2 (1), 104, 2019
Microwave photon detection by an Al Josephson junction
LS Revin, AL Pankratov, AV Gordeeva, AA Yablokov, IV Rakut, ...
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 11 (1), 960-965, 2020
Symmetrical Josephson vortex interferometer as an advanced ballistic single-shot detector
II Soloviev, NV Klenov, SV Bakurskiy, AL Pankratov, LS Kuzmin
Applied Physics Letters 105 (20), 2014
Lifetime of the superconductive state in short and long Josephson junctions
G Augello, D Valenti, AL Pankratov, B Spagnolo
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Exact solution of Kramers' problem for piecewise parabolic potential profiles
AN Malakhov, AL Pankratov
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Effect of Cherenkov radiation on the jitter of solitons in the driven underdamped Frenkel-Kontorova model
II Soloviev, NV Klenov, AL Pankratov, E Il'Ichev, LS Kuzmin
Physical Review E 87 (6), 060901, 2013
Line width of Josephson flux flow oscillators
VP Koshelets, PN Dmitriev, AS Sobolev, AL Pankratov, VV Khodos, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 372, 316-321, 2002
Towards a microwave single-photon counter for searching axions
AL Pankratov, LS Revin, AV Gordeeva, AA Yablokov, LS Kuzmin, ...
npj Quantum Information 8 (1), 61, 2022
Observation of photon noise by cold-electron bolometers
AV Gordeeva, VO Zbrozhek, AL Pankratov, LS Revin, VA Shamporov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (16), 2017
Long Josephson junctions with spatially inhomogeneous driving
AL Pankratov
Physical Review B 66 (13), 134526, 2002
Drastic suppression of noise-induced errors in underdamped long Josephson junctions
AL Pankratov, AV Gordeeva, LS Kuzmin
Physical Review Letters 109 (8), 087003, 2012
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