Michael J. Roast
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Citované v
Early‐life telomere length predicts lifespan and lifetime reproductive success in a wild bird
JR Eastwood, ML Hall, N Teunissen, SA Kingma, N Hidalgo Aranzamendi, ...
Molecular ecology 28 (5), 1127-1137, 2019
Extreme competence: keystone hosts of infections
LB Martin, BA Addison, AGD Bean, KL Buchanan, OL Crino, JR Eastwood, ...
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From ornament to armament or loss of function? Breeding plumage acquisition in a genetically monogamous bird
M Fan, N Teunissen, ML Hall, N Hidalgo Aranzamendi, SA Kingma, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 87 (5), 1274-1285, 2018
Persistent low avian malaria in a tropical species despite high community prevalence
JR Eastwood, L Peacock, ML Hall, M Roast, SA Murphy, AG da Silva, ...
International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 8, 88-93, 2019
Fitness outcomes in relation to individual variation in constitutive innate immune function
MJ Roast, NH Aranzamendi, M Fan, N Teunissen, MD Hall, A Peters
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1938), 20201997, 2020
Short-term climate variation drives baseline innate immune function and stress in a tropical bird: a reactive scope perspective
MJ Roast, AE Aulsebrook, M Fan, N Hidalgo Aranzamendi, N Teunissen, ...
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 92 (2), 140-151, 2019
Context-dependent social benefits drive cooperative predator defense in a bird
N Teunissen, SA Kingma, M Fan, MJ Roast, A Peters
Current Biology 31 (18), 4120-4126. e4, 2021
Telomere dynamics in the first year of life, but not later in life, predict lifespan in a wild bird
EL Sheldon, JR Eastwood, N Teunissen, MJ Roast, NH Aranzamendi, ...
Molecular Ecology 31 (23), 6008-6017, 2022
Telomere length declines with age, but relates to immune function independent of age in a wild passerine
MJ Roast, JR Eastwood, NH Aranzamendi, M Fan, N Teunissen, ...
Royal Society Open Science 9 (4), 212012, 2022
No evidence for constitutive innate immune senescence in a longitudinal study of a wild bird
MJ Roast, N Hidalgo Aranzamendi, N Teunissen, M Fan, S Verhulst, ...
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 95 (1), 54-65, 2022
Variability, heritability and condition-dependence of the multidimensional male colour phenotype in a passerine bird
M Fan, ML Hall, M Roast, A Peters, K Delhey
Heredity 127 (3), 300-311, 2021
Physiological costs and age constraints of a sexual ornament: an experimental study in a wild bird
A McQueen, K Delhey, B Szecsenyi, OL Crino, MJ Roast, A Peters
Behavioral Ecology 32 (2), 327-338, 2021
Individual variation in immune function in the purple-crowned fairy-wren (Malurus coronatus)
Monash University, 2020
Effect of body size on the long-term reproductive output of eastern Atlantic loggerhead turtles Caretta caretta
S Martins, L Cardona, E Abella, E Silva, N de Santos Loureiro, M Roast, ...
Endangered Species Research 48, 175-189, 2022
Hidden demographic impacts of fishing and environmental drivers of fecundity in a sea turtle population
MJ Roast, S Martins, L Fernández‐Peralta, JC Báez, A Diame, D March, ...
Conservation Biology, 2023
Which plumage patches provide information about condition and success in a female fairy-wren?
S Nolazco, K Delhey, M Fan, ML Hall, SA Kingma, MJ Roast, N Teunissen, ...
Behavioral Ecology 34 (1), 50-62, 2023
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