Zoltan Somosy
Zoltan Somosy
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Radiation response of cell organelles
Z Somosy
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Morphological aspects of ionizing radiation response of small intestine
Z Somosy, G Horvath, A Telbisz, G Rez, Z Palfia
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Z Forgacs, P Massányi, N Lukac, Z Somosy
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Qualitative enzyme histochemistry and microanalysis reveals changes in ultrastructural distribution of calcium and calcium-activated ATPases after microwave irradiation of the …
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Z Somosy, G Thuroczy, T Kubasova, J Kovacs, LD Szabo
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Z Somosy, G Thuroczy, GJ Köteles, J Kovacs
Scanning Microscopy 8 (3), 18, 1994
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