MIchael H. Ramsey
Citované v
Citované v
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Eurachem/EUROLAB/CITAC/Nordtest/AMC Guide: Measurement uncertainty arising from sampling: a guide to methods and approaches
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The composition of hypersaline, iron-rich granitic fluids based on laser-ICP and synchrotron-XRF microprobe analysis of individual fluid inclusions in topaz, Mole granite …
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Effect of cadmium, zinc and substrate heterogeneity on yield, shoot metal concentration and metal uptake by Brassica juncea: implications for human health risk …
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Chemical partitioning of the new National Institute of Standards and Technology standard reference materials (SRM 2709–2711) by sequential extraction using inductively coupled …
X Li, BJ Coles, MH Ramsey, I Thornton
Analyst 120 (5), 1415-1419, 1995
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