Frederico Mestre
Frederico Mestre
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Citované v
Integrative approaches to guide conservation decisions: using genomics to define conservation units and functional corridors
S Barbosa, F Mestre, TA White, J Paupério, PC Alves, JB Searle
Molecular Ecology, 2018
Modelling the distribution of the European polecat Mustela putorius in a Mediterranean agricultural landscape
FM Mestre, JP Ferreira, A Mira
Revue D'écologie 62 (1), 35-47, 2007
A metapopulation approach to predict species range shifts under different climate change and landscape connectivity scenarios
F Mestre, B Risk, A Mira, P Beja, R Pita
Ecological Modelling 359, 406-414, 2017
Combining distribution modelling and non-invasive genetics to improve range shift forecasting
F Mestre, R Pita, J Paupério, FMS Martins, PC Alves, A Mira, P Beja
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Satellite tracking of sea turtles released after prolonged captivity periods
F Mestre, MP Bragança, A Nunes, ME dos Santos
Marine Biology Research 10 (10), 996-1006, 2014
Ecological and epidemiological models are both useful for SARS-CoV-2
MB Araújo, F Mestre, B Naimi
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (9), 1153-1154, 2020
An R package for simulating metapopulation dynamics and range expansion under environmental change
F Mestre, F Cánovas, R Pita, A Mira, P Beja
Environmental Modelling & Software 81, 40-44, 2016
ENiRG: R‐GRASS interface for efficiently characterizing the ecological niche of species and predicting habitat suitability
F Cánovas, C Magliozzi, F Mestre, JA Palazón, M González‐Wangüemert
Ecography 39 (6), 593-598, 2016
Human disturbances affect the topology of food webs
F Mestre, A Rozenfeld, MB Araújo
Ecology Letters 25 (11), 2476-2488, 2022
Prioritizing road defragmentation using graph-based tools
F Ascensão, F Mestre, AM Barbosa
Landscape and Urban Planning 192, 103653, 2019
Effectiveness of habitat management in the recovery of low-density populations of wild rabbit
S Godinho, F Mestre, JP Ferreira, R Machado, P Santos
European journal of wildlife research 59, 847-858, 2013
Disentangling food-web environment relationships: A review with guidelines
F Mestre, D Gravel, D García-Callejas, C Pinto-Cruz, MG Matias, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 61, 102-115, 2022
Bad moon rising? The influence of the lunar cycle on amphibian roadkills
F Mestre, H Lopes, T Pinto, LG Sousa, A Mira, SM Santos
European Journal of Wildlife Research 65, 1-12, 2019
soundClass: An automatic sound classification tool for biodiversity monitoring using machine learning
B Silva, F Mestre, S Barreiro, PJ Alves, JM Herrera
Silva, 2022
Species traits, patch turnover and successional dynamics: when does intermediate disturbance favour metapopulation occupancy?
F Mestre, R Pita, A Mira, P Beja
BMC ecology 20 (1), 2, 2020
gDefrag: A graph-based tool to help defragmenting landscapes divided by linear infrastructures
F Mestre, F Ascensão, AM Barbosa
Ecological Modelling 392, 1-5, 2019
Inferring past refugia and range dynamics through the integration of fossil, niche modelling and genomic data
F Mestre, S Barbosa, JA Garrido‐García, R Pita, A Mira, PC Alves, ...
Journal of Biogeography 49 (11), 2064-2076, 2022
lconnect R package: A versatile tool for evaluating landscape connectivity and prioritizing habitat patches in conservation research
F Mestre, B Silva
Ecological Modelling 484, 110489, 2023
Synergistic effects of climate change and habitat fragmentation on species range shifts and metapopulation persistence
F Mestre
Frontiers of Biogeography 9 (4), 2018
MAMMALS IN PORTUGAL: A data set of terrestrial, volant, and marine mammal occurrences in P ortugal
C Grilo, BC Afonso, F Afonso, M Alexandre, S Aliácar, A Almeida, ...
Ecology 103 (6), e3654, 2022
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