Nicolas Magain
Nicolas Magain
Assistant Professor, University of Liege
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Macroevolution of specificity in cyanolichens of the genus Peltigera section Polydactylon (Lecanoromycetes, Ascomycota)
N Magain, J Miadlikowska, B Goffinet, E Sérusiaux, F Lutzoni
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Species delimitation at a global scale reveals high species richness with complex biogeography and patterns of symbiont association in Peltigera section Peltigera (lichenized …
N Magain, C Tniong, T Goward, D Niu, B Goffinet, E Sérusiaux, ...
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Dismantling the treasured flagship lichen Sticta fuliginosa (Peltigerales) into four species in Western Europe
N Magain, E Sérusiaux
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Molybdenum threshold for ecosystem scale alternative vanadium nitrogenase activity in boreal forests
R Darnajoux, N Magain, M Renaudin, F Lutzoni, JP Bellenger, X Zhang
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T-BAS version 2.1: Tree-Based Alignment Selector toolkit for evolutionary placement of DNA sequences and viewing alignments and specimen metadata on curated and custom trees
I Carbone, JB White, J Miadlikowska, AE Arnold, MA Miller, N Magain, ...
Microbiology resource announcements 8 (29), 10.1128/mra. 00328-19, 2019
Phylogenetic placement, species delimitation, and cyanobiont identity of endangered aquatic Peltigera species (lichen‐forming Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes)
J Miadlikowska, D Richardson, N Magain, B Ball, F Anderson, R Cameron, ...
American Journal of Botany 101 (7), 1141-1156, 2014
Do Photobiont Switch and Cephalodia Emancipation Act as Evolutionary Drivers in the Lichen Symbiosis? A Case Study in the Pannariaceae (Peltigerales)
N Magain, E Sérusiaux
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Further photomorphs in the lichen family Lobariaceae from Reunion (Mascarene archipelago) with notes on the phylogeny of Dendriscocaulon cyanomorphs
N Magain, B Goffinet, E Sérusiaux
The Bryologist 115 (2), 243-254, 2012
High diversity, high insular endemism and recent origin in the lichen genus Sticta (lichenized Ascomycota, Peltigerales) in Madagascar and the Mascarenes
A Simon, B Goffinet, N Magain, E Sérusiaux
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 122, 15-28, 2018
Conserved genomic collinearity as a source of broadly applicable, fast evolving, markers to resolve species complexes: a case study using the lichen-forming genus Peltigera …
N Magain, J Miadlikowska, O Mueller, M Gajdeczka, C Truong, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 117, 10-29, 2017
Discovering the lichen diversity of a remote tropical island: working list of species collected on Reunion (Mascarene archipelago, Indian Ocean)
PPG van den Boom, M Brand, D Ertz, K Kalb, N Magain, D Masson, ...
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N Magain, LL Forrest, E Sérusiaux, B Goffinet
American Journal of Botany 97 (10), e102-e104, 2010
Contrasting Symbiotic Patterns in Two Closely Related Lineages of Trimembered Lichens of the Genus Peltigera
CJ Pardo-De la Hoz, N Magain, F Lutzoni, T Goward, S Restrepo, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 2770, 2018
Strong specificity and network modularity at a very fine phylogenetic scale in the lichen genus Peltigera
PL Chagnon, N Magain, J Miadlikowska, F Lutzoni
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Biodiversity and ecology of lichens of Katmai and Lake Clark national parks and preserves, Alaska
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Disentangling the Peltigera polydactylon species complex by recognizing two new taxa, P. polydactylon subsp. udeghe and P. seneca
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R Spjut, A Simon, M Guissard, N Magain, E Sérusiaux
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Species in section Peltidea (aphthosa group) of the genus Peltigera remain cryptic after molecular phylogenetic revision
J Miadlikowska, N Magain, C Pardo de la Hoz, D Niu, T Goward, ...
Plant and Fungal Systematics 63 (2), 2018
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