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Sunnie Grace McCalla
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Persistence of DNA in carcasses, slime and avian feces may affect interpretation of environmental DNA data
CM Merkes, SG McCalla, NR Jensen, MP Gaikowski, JJ Amberg
PLoS One 9 (11), e113346, 2014
Detecting the movement and spawning activity of bigheaded carps with environmental DNA
RA Erickson, CB Rees, AA Coulter, CM Merkes, SG McCalla, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources 16 (4), 957-965, 2016
Improving efficiency and reliability of environmental DNA analysis for silver carp
JJ Amberg, SG McCalla, E Monroe, R Lance, K Baerwaldt, MP Gaikowski
Journal of Great Lakes Research 41 (2), 367-373, 2015
Evidence of Asian carp spawning upstream of a key choke point in the Mississippi River
JH Larson, BC Knights, SG McCalla, E Monroe, M Tuttle‐Lau, ...
North American Journal of Fisheries Management 37 (4), 903-919, 2017
Defining reprogramming checkpoints from single-cell analyses of induced pluripotency
KA Tran, SJ Pietrzak, NZ Zaidan, AF Siahpirani, SG McCalla, AS Zhou, ...
Cell reports 27 (6), 1726-1741. e5, 2019
Ethanol and sodium acetate as a preservation method to delay degradation of environmental DNA
BA Ladell, LR Walleser, SG McCalla, RA Erickson, JJ Amberg
Conservation Genetics Resources 11, 83-88, 2019
Inference of cell type-specific gene regulatory networks on cell lineages from single cell omic datasets
S Zhang, S Pyne, S Pietrzak, S Halberg, SG McCalla, AF Siahpirani, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 3064, 2023
Wrangling distributed computing for high-throughput environmental science: An introduction to HTCondor
RA Erickson, MN Fienen, SG McCalla, EL Weiser, ML Bower, ...
PLoS computational biology 14 (10), e1006468, 2018
Identifying strengths and weaknesses of methods for computational network inference from single cell RNA-seq data
M Stone, J Li, SG McCalla, AF Siahpirani, V Periyasamy, J Shin, S Roy
BioRxiv, 2021.06. 01.446671, 2021
Identifying strengths and weaknesses of methods for computational network inference from single-cell RNA-seq data
SG McCalla, A Fotuhi Siahpirani, J Li, S Pyne, M Stone, V Periyasamy, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 13 (3), jkad004, 2023
Modular derivation of diverse, regionally discrete human posterior CNS neurons enables discovery of transcriptomic patterns
NR Iyer, J Shin, S Cuskey, Y Tian, NR Nicol, TE Doersch, F Seipel, ...
Science advances 8 (39), eabn7430, 2022
Detection of environmental DNA of Bigheaded Carps in samples collected from selected locations in the St. Croix River and in the Mississippi River
JJ Amberg, SG McCalla, L Miller, P Sorensen, MP Gaikowski
Open-File Report, 2013
Community for Data Integration 2016 annual report
ML Langseth, L Hsu, J Amberg, N Bliss, AR Bock, RT Bolus, RS Bristol, ...
Open-File Report, 2017
The complete mitochondrial genome of Hine’s emerald dragonfly (Somatochlora hineana Williamson) via NGS sequencing
C Jackson, SG McCalla, J Amberg, D Soluk, H Britten
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 3 (2), 562-563, 2018
Modular derivation and unbiased single-cell analysis of regional human hindbrain and spinal neurons enables discovery of nuanced transcriptomic patterns along developmental axes
NR Iyer, J Shin, S Cuskey, Y Tian, NR Nicol, TE Doersch, SG McCalla, ...
BioRxiv, 2021.10. 14.464440, 2021
Patterns of genetic diversity in Diporeia in the Laurentian Great Lakes
SG McCalla
Purdue University, 2010
Profiling Cell Type Specificity and Adverse Events of Genome Editing Nucleases in the Brain and Retina Using Single Cell Transcriptomics
K Saha, K Gimse, J Shin, Y Wang, JM Metzger, K Mueller, E Capowski, ...
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