Anne Yentsch
Anne Yentsch
Historical Archaeology
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A Chesapeake family and their slaves: a study in historical archaeology
AE Yentsch
Cambridge University Press, 1994
The symbolic divisions of pottery: Sex-related attributes of English and Anglo-American household pots
A Yentsch
The archaeology of inequality 205, 131-152, 1991
Engendering visible and invisible ceramic artifacts, especially dairy vessels
A Yentsch
Historical Archaeology 25 (4), 132-155, 1991
The Art and Mystery of Historical Archaeology: Essays in Honor of James Deetz
J Deetz, AE Yentsch, MC Beaudry
(No Title), 1992
Legends, houses, families, and myths: relationships between material culture and American ideology
A Yentsch
Documentary archaeology in the New World, 5-19, 1988
Excavating the South's African American food history
A Yentsch
African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter 12 (2), 2, 2008
Minimum vessel lists as evidence of change in folk and courtly traditions of food use
A Yentsch
Historical Archaeology 24 (3), 24-53, 1990
American material culture in mind, thought, and deed
A Yentsch, MC Beaudry
Chesapeake artefacts and their cultural context: pottery and the food domain
A Yentsch
Post-Medieval Archaeology 25 (1), 25-72, 1991
Farming, fishing, whaling, trading: land and sea as resource on eighteenth-century Cape Cod
A Yentsch
Documentary archaeology in the New World, 138-160, 1988
Gudgeons, mullet, and proud pigs: Historicity, black fishing, and southern myth
AE Yentsch
The art and mystery of historical archaeology: essays in honor of James …, 1992
Introduction: Close Attention to Place-Landscape Studies by Historical Archaeologists
AE Yentsch
Landscape Archaeology: Reading and Interpreting the American Historical …, 1996
Beads as Silent Witnesses ofan African-American Past: Social Identity and the Artifacts of Slavery in Annapolis, Maryland
A Yentsch
Access and space, symbolic and material, in historical archaeology
A Yentsch
The Archaeology of Gender, Archaeological Association of the University of …, 1991
Archeological Investigations at the Narbonne House: Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Massachusetts
GP Moran, EF Zimmer, AE Yentsch
Division of Cultural Resources, North Atlantic Regional Office, National …, 1982
A teapot, a house, or both? The material possessions of Irish women’s California Assemblages
A Yentsch
Archaeologies 7, 170-221, 2011
The Calvert Orangery in Annapolis, Maryland: a horticultural symbol of power and prestige in an early eighteenth-century community
A Yentsch
Earth Patterns: Essays in Landscape Archaeology, 169-87, 1990
The analysis of archaeological plant remains
NF Miller
A Simon and Schuster company upper Saddle River, New Jersey 7458, 1997
their Slaves: A Study in Historical Archaeology
AE Yentsch, AC Family
Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 1994
Techniques for excavating and analyzing buried eighteenth century landscapes
AE Yentsch, JM Kratzer
The Archaeology of Garden and Field. University of Pennsylvania Press …, 1994
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