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Raphaël Royauté
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Citované v
Paceless life? A meta-analysis of the pace-of-life syndrome hypothesis
R Royauté, MA Berdal, CR Garrison, NA Dochtermann
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72, 1-10, 2018
The heritability of behavior: a meta-analysis
NA Dochtermann, T Schwab, M Anderson Berdal, J Dalos, R Royauté
Journal of Heredity 110 (4), 403-410, 2019
Contaminants as a neglected source of behavioural variation
PO Montiglio, R Royauté
Animal Behavior 88, 29-35, 2014
Under the influence: sublethal exposure to an insecticide affects personality expression in a jumping spider
R Royauté, CM Buddle, C Vincent
Functional Ecology 29 (7), 962-970, 2015
Interpopulation variations in behavioral syndromes of a jumping spider from insecticide‐treated and insecticide‐free orchards
R Royauté, CM Buddle, C Vincent
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Behaviour, metabolism and size: phenotypic modularity or integration in Acheta domesticus?
R Royauté, K Greenlee, M Baldwin, NA Dochtermann
Animal Behaviour 110, 163-169, 2015
The mean matters: going beyond repeatability to interpret behavioural variation
NA Dochtermann, R Royauté
Animal Behaviour 153, 147-150, 2019
Biologging reveals individual variation in behavioural predictability in the wild
AG Hertel, R Royauté, A Zedrosser, T Mueller
Journal of Animal Ecology 90 (3), 723-737, 2021
When the mean no longer matters: Developmental diet affects behavioral variation but not population averages in the house cricket (Acheta domesticus)
R Royauté, NA Dochtermann
Behavioral Ecology 28 (1), 337-345, 2017
Behavioural syndromes shape evolutionary trajectories via conserved genetic architecture
R Royauté, A Hedrick, NA Dochtermann
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 287 (1927), 20200183, 2020
Genetic conservation and management of the California endemic, Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana Parry): Implications of genetic rescue in a genetically depauperate species
JA Hamilton, R Royauté, JW Wright, P Hodgskiss, FT Ledig
Ecology and Evolution 7 (18), 7370-7381, 2017
Current energy state interacts with the developmental environment to influence behavioural plasticity
R Royauté, C Garrison, J Dalos, MA Berdal, NA Dochtermann
Animal behaviour 148, 39-51, 2019
Comparing ecological and evolutionary variability within datasets
R Royauté, NA Dochtermann
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 75 (9), 127, 2021
Colonization dynamics of agroecosystem spider assemblages after snow-melt in Quebec (Canada)
R Royauté, CM Buddle
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Moving away from repeatability: a comment on Stuber et al.
NJ Dingemanse, AG Hertel, R Royauté
Behavioral Ecology 33 (3), 488-489, 2022
Phenotypic integration in an extended phenotype: among‐individual variation in nest‐building traits of the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Megachile rotundata)
R Royauté, ES Wilson, BR Helm, RE Mallinger, J Prasifka, KJ Greenlee, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2018
Implementing code review in the scientific workflow: Insights from ecology and evolutionary biology
ER Ivimey‐Cook, JL Pick, KR Bairos‐Novak, A Culina, E Gould, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 36 (10), 1347-1356, 2023
Fencing amplifies individual differences in movement with implications on survival for two migratory ungulates
W Xu, LC Gigliotti, R Royauté, H Sawyer, AD Middleton
Journal of Animal Ecology 92 (3), 677-689, 2023
Classifying the activity states of small vertebrates using automated VHF telemetry
J Gottwald, R Royauté, M Becker, T Geitz, J Höchst, P Lampe, L Leister, ...
Methods in ecology and evolution 14 (1), 252-264, 2023
Phylogenetic conservation of behavioural variation and behavioural syndromes
J Dalos, R Royauté, AV Hedrick, NA Dochtermann
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 35 (2), 311-321, 2022
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