Aleksandër Trajçe
Aleksandër Trajçe
Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania
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Citované v
Citované v
Recovery of large carnivores in Europe’s modern human-dominated landscapes
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science 346 (6216), 1517-1519, 2014
Key actions for large carnivore populations in Europe
L Boitani, F Alvarez, O Anders, H Andren, E Avanzinelli, V Balys, ...
A Large Carnivore Initiative for Europe report prepared for the European …, 2015
European agreements for nature conservation need to explicitly address wolf-dog hybridisation
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Using questionnaire surveys and occupancy modelling to identify conservation priorities for the Critically Endangered Balkan lynx Lynx lynx balcanicus
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All carnivores are not equal in the rural people's view. Should we develop conservation plans for functional guilds or individual species in the face of conflicts?
A Trajçe, G Ivanov, E Keçi, A Majić, D Melovski, K Mersini, S Mustafa, ...
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Strategic planning for the conservation of the Balkan lynx
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Conservation status of the critically endangered balkan lynx in Albania and Macedonia
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First camera-trap survey in the National Park Mavrovo, Macedonia
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Conflicts between lynx, other large carnivores, and humans in Macedonia and Albania
E Keçi, A Trajçe, K Mersini, F Bego, G Ivanov, D Melovski, A Stojanov, ...
Proceedings of the III congress of ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia …, 2008
Distribution and conservation status of the Balkan lynx (Lynx lynx balcanicus Bureš, 1941)
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Coat polymorphism in Eurasian Lynx: adaptation to environment or phylogeographic legacy?
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Wild boar density data generated by camera trapping in nineteen European areas
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History, demography and genetic status of Balkan and Caucasian Lynx lynx (Linnaeus, 1758) populations revealed by genome‐wide variation
E Bazzicalupo, M Lucena‐Perez, D Kleinman‐Ruiz, A Pavlov, A Trajçe, ...
Diversity and Distributions 28 (1), 65-82, 2022
The gentleman, the vagabonds and the stranger: cultural representations of large carnivores in Albania and their implications for conservation
A Trajçe
University of Roehampton, 2017
Protected areas in species conservation-the protected area component within the frame of the Balkan lynx recovery programme
G Schwaderer, A Spangenberg, D Melovski, A Trajçe, F Bego
Proceedings of the III Congress of Ecologists of the Republic of Macedonia …, 2008
Water quality-a key issue of drinking water supply in Tirana
T Floqi, I Malollari, D Vezi, A Trajce
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 11 (2), 434-446, 2010
Distribution of large carnivores in Europe 2012-2016: Distribution map for Golden Jackal (Canis aureus)
N Ranc, I Acosta-Pankov, V Balys, J Bučko, D Cirovic, N Fabijanić, ...
Some aspects of surface water treatment technology in Tirana drinking water treatment plant.
T Floqi, A Trajçe, D Vezi
Journal of International Environmental Application & Science 4 (3), 241-245, 2009
Data generated by camera trapping in at least 15 areas in Europe including East and South Europe: Report of the field activities‐first semester 2021
EFSA Supporting Publications 18 (7), 6771E, 2021
Trapped between rural poverty, city “dons” and ineffective legislation: the case of captive brown bears in Albania
A Trajçe, B Hoxha, S Huda, K Mersini
Book of Abstracts-BEAR in Mind Conference. Rhenen, the Netherlands: Alertis, 2013
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